3 Projects for a Swoon-Worthy Home Library

You might have fantasized about a “Beauty and the Beast” style home library, complete with wall-to-wall shelves and an enviable reading nook — but those dreams can seem totally out of reach for the average homeowner. With a little creativity, however, you might just be able to make that dream a little bit more of a reality. These weekend projects can help you quickly make your library the envy of the neighborhood.

A Wheeled Library Ladder

rolling library ladder is the stuff of childhood dreams. If you have space, it’s just a matter of buying a little wood and hardware and taking the time to assemble it. Kits are available for the less ambitious, but a custom ladder can be created specifically for your room with a bit of know-how. The simplest models are composed of a well-built ladder with casters, a bar to serve as the track, stops on either end of the track and rollers at the top of the ladder. This is totally do-able for a weekend project, and the results are quite striking.

A Cozy Reading Nook

You might already have a favorite chair for reading, but why not take it up a notch? Even if you only have a small space to dedicate for a reading nook, it will up your home library game by at least a few points. The most essential component is an inviting chair or cushioned alcove that’s ready to be curled up in. Make it even more tempting with throw pillows, snuggly blankets or a nearby floor rug. Next, add some easily accessible lighting: a floor lamp, table lamp, pendant light or wall-mounted light will do the job nicely. Finally, create a spot for placing reading essentials such as a cup of tea, reading glasses, and pens; you might choose a small end table for this purpose, mount a low shelf or add a folding breakfast-in-bed-style tray to the nook. All these essential components will make the space ready for your next reading binge.

A Little Life

Any home library will benefit from some touches of life: a houseplant, vase of flowers or even fishbowl with a scaly friend will all make your library space feel a little more alive and inviting. If you’re not much of a green thumb, try just clippings of plants that survive in just plain water, or start with an arrangement of silk flowers instead. 

A home library is a sacred space. By sprucing it up with a few intentional touches, you can make it even more special and inviting.