Value Of Online Casinos In Japanese Gaming Market

The gambling situation in Japan has always remained vague but it has changed due to new laws and regulations. Now, many players from this country can freely enjoy playing online casino games even without leaving their homes. If a resident wants to play Japanese online casinos – オンラインカジノ, – plenty of variants exist on the Internet. Despite online gambling is still a semi-legal thing in Japan, some loopholes are possible to find out. Therefore, the gaming market in the Land of the Rising Sun is flourishing today and the players calmly play their favorite games. Let’s talk about all this stuff in detail.

What Are Online Casinos In Japan?

Even though the use of casino online is negatively perceived by the government due to the Internet addiction of teenagers, people gamble online and enjoy slots, roulette, craps, and poker. Most players from Japan create accounts in the international casino sites which provide Japanese versions and games developed by domestic software manufacturers like Takasago Electric Industry, Konami, JTG, and others.

Online gambling sites for Japanese players hosted in other countries make it difficult for the government to control its citizens because it has no jurisdiction over the locations of the sites. Players in Japan are free to use these sites, claim an online casino bonus, and win. What kind of entertainment Japanese gamblers will find on such platforms? We will explain that in the next paragraph.

Which Casino Games Are Popular Among Japanese gamblers?

While trying to find Japanese favourite casino games, it turns out that so many options are available. For example, Sports betting is a popular and perfectly legal option for gambling. The Japanese are attracted by car races, as well as bicycle and motorcycle races, water rowing. 

Speaking about online casino games, anyone can easily play blackjack, poker, and other casino games. Many international casinos operate on the Internet, so European online roulette has also been available to Japanese and other players for a long time.

  • Pachinko is a pinball game that serves both for entertainment and for money-making methods. The country is replete with pachinko salons that almost look like any online casino Japan. Since gambling is prohibited in Japan, those who win cannot exchange their pachinko balls for cash at the salon. 

Moreover, the balls are engraved with identifiable symbols that show which room they belong to, players are not allowed to get balls outside of this area. Recently, the game has evolved to become an online pachislot, so this means players may enjoy it on the Internet.

  • Pachisuro. This is a more modern version of the previous slot machine. Since, besides luck, the experience of a gambler is crucial here, such slot machines are popular among the huge number of Japanese players. The graphics of such games is remarkable as well. They are decorated with anime characters. Moreover, during the game, various music videos and animation characters beloved by the Japanese lot appear on the screen.
  • Pokey. This is the name that belongs to traditional slot machines, which are also called fruit slot machines. They have quite a simple design and interface. Moreover, these casino games are usually retro-styled and easy-to-play.

Japanese Gaming Market

The Asian region is considered the birthplace of the gambling industry. In general, Japan is one of the leaders in the technological field, even the first slot machines appeared here.

Although then these games and other casino goodies were under the strictest ban for a long time due to the appearance of the first debtors and the massive spread of addiction. 

However, online casinos generate income from players all around the world and the audience is growing significantly because almost everyone has computers, tablets, and smartphones now. According to the Statista report, the gaming market size in Japan was expected to reach approx 1.59 trillion Japanese yen by the fiscal year 2025. This means the request for online casino games is getting high every year.

Furthermore, in 2018, the government decided that casino resorts will start operating soon. Today, one of the most difficult issues is the choice of regions where these facilities will be located, as well as the development of a regulatory system. This is a new step to legalize gambling and make it work for government profit.

While expectations for significant economic benefits, including job creation, are high, there is widespread concern in society about an increase in gambling addiction and negative social consequences. Many people are convinced that the country is not ready to pay such a high social price for the introduction of a new industry. According to preliminary forecasts, the industry’s annual profits could reach $40 billion.


To sum up, the Japanese gaming market wants to evolve and open up completely new horizons. Anyway, the best online casino websites will never lose their popularity among local players because they are safe, responsible, and enjoyable at the same time.

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