What is a Chromebook? And is a MacBook the best choice for you?

A Chromebook is a relatively new player that is conquering the market in record time. Chromebooks do not run on Windows, but on the Chrome OS developed by Google, which is perfectly matched to the hardware, and therefore ensures optimal system performance, without the laptop having to have the most expensive and heaviest components on board. This ensures that Chromebooks are generally light, flexible and, last but not least, very affordable. Try and rent a Chromebook computer (translated to Dutch: computer huren Flexitrent) at Flex IT rent and discover all features of a Chromebook.

Is a Chromebook cheap?

Cheap is not the word we want to use for a Chromebook, as it often has a negative aftertaste. There is nothing about a Chromebook that feels cheap, on the contrary, from the housing to the connections, you will find basically everything that you also find on other laptops, with the big difference that Chromebooks start at a price tag of just over two hundred euros . So you get a full-fledged laptop for that, with which you can perform all the basic tasks you expect from a laptop. Officially, Chromebooks are not intended for very demanding tasks, such as photo and video editing, but that truth is also slowly a thing of the past, we see more and more Chromebooks that can handle these kinds of tasks perfectly (although of course you pay a little more for that).

No Windows on a Chromebook

The fact that a Chromebook does not run on Windows is sometimes incorrectly described as a disadvantage of this platform. The great strength of a Chromebook in combination with Chrome OS is its convenience and flexibility. You have nothing to do with the operating system or complicated updates, incompatible equipment, you can literally take the laptop out of the box, switch it on, and get started right away, without having to install a program yourself. Chromebooks come standard with Google’s productivity apps, which means you don’t have to spend a fortune for an Office suite, and you can also enjoy the convenience of cloud storage, with Google getting you two more years. get 100 GB extra storage capacity in Google Drive for free. 

MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

MacBooks have a hefty entry-level price. The cheapest model is currently the MacBook Air from 2015, which you can pick up for 949 euros. However, that is a bad investment, because this model is now so outdated that you get little value for money. A step above that, we find the 12 ″ MacBook, with an entry-level price of 1350 euros. In terms of design and portability, this is without a doubt the best MacBook you can currently get, but it makes a lot of difference in terms of specifications. With a 1.1 GHz processor and Intel 515 HD Graphics, you don’t have to expect much gaming fun. 

If you want to get serious with more recent titles, then you will have to purchase a model from the Pro series. It is also wise to go for a 15 ″ MacBook. Not only because gaming on a larger screen is better, but mainly because the 13 ″ models do not offer the specifications necessary for decent gaming. Even with the CTO (Configure To Order) models you cannot go higher than a dual-core processor and although that will suffice for older games, most games in 2016 really require a quad-core architecture.

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It is often recommended to buy a very expensive laptop or Macbook, so that you are ready for the future. A Chromebook is the future. Work and enjoy, whenever and wherever it suits you, without having to pay a fortune, and without having to carry a very heavy laptop with you.

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