How to clean CNC machined products?

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If you hired a CNC service in order to manufacture a CNC machined product you obviously want to keep it nice and clean. This needs to be done after you have used the item, but cleaning the parts is also important to do during the assembly process. By hiring 3D printing services you will not have to do this, but if you do the CNC machining yourself you probably do have to clean the pieces. The goal of cleaning the parts is to remove dirt that is still laying on the surface. This dirt could include rust, dust, oil, and much more. There are multiple cleaning methods you can use, as you can read below.

Spray wash

By spraying a cleaning fluid with a specific temperature and pressure onto the surface you can remove oil stains on the parts. This process not only has a good cleaning effect, its production efficiency is high as well. Unfortunately spray wash has some disadvantages as well. It namely uses complicated equipment. On top of that, it cannot be used to clean pieces with complicated shapes.

Vibration cleaning

If you use a cleaning method called vibration cleaning you will place the workpieces on a cleaning rack or basket of a vibrating washer. On top of that, they need to be immersed in a cleaning liquid. The cleaning machine will thus vibrate, which is used to simulate a rinsing action. The cleaning liquid will have a chemical action that removes the oil stains. 


Another cleaning process to CNC machined parts is called scrub. During this method you will place the items in a container that has been filled with a cleaning fluid, while scrub with brush or cotton yarn is placed in there as well. It is very easy to do, although its efficiency is quite low. You should mainly use the method scrub for prototypes or small batches of small products. 

Ultrasonic cleaning

You could also decide to use ultrasonic cleaning in order to clean the pieces. By doing this you will use the chemical action of a cleaning liquid. Furthermore, you will also rely on the ultrasonic oscillation that will occur in the cleaning liquid. This way you can remove oil stains. 

Boil wash

To boil wash parts you need to prepare a solution, this needs to be placed into a cleaning bath together with the objects. The bath has to be of an appropriate size, while it should be welded with steel plates too. It needs to be heated to 80 to 90 degree Celsius and then cook for 3 to 5 minutes.

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