7 tips for using stickers professionally

Stickers for business
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Stickers are everywhere. On the street, packaging, windows, floors, products, and so on. Stickers can be very interesting for business. Do you need tips on how to use stickers for business purposes? We give you 7:

1. Communicate a temporary message

Stickers are very suitable for sending a temporary message. This is useful if you want to promote a temporary campaign or discount campaign. For example, you can make window stickers (translation: raamstickers maken) with a discount percentage for your shop, so that customers walking down the shopping street can see that there are sales.

2. Warning stickers

Stickers are often used to give a warning. Think of fire hazard, safety rules or hazardous substances. For example, if you have to wear a helmet, hairnet or safety goggles in certain areas. Industries where these stickers are often used are the construction industry and factories.

3. Product information

Another business application of stickers are labels on packaging. You can use stickers to display the product information of your product. In addition, you can immediately add your logo to your products so that your product is recognizable to the consumer.

4. Promotional sticker

Of course you can also use stickers as promotional stickers. For example stickers with your logo or the link to your website. These stickers can be stuck or given away in places where your target group is often located. This way you create more brand awareness for your brand.

5. Signing

Have floor stickers printed (translation: vloerstickers drukken) as signing. For example, you can indicate a route with stickers so that all visitors follow the same route. You can also use floor stickers to draw people’s attention to something, such as keeping a distance or a slippery floor. Floor stickers can be used both indoors and outdoors.

6. Logo stickers

Logo stickers are always handy to have in stock. They are multifunctional, because you can stick them on anything. So you can easily draw attention to your brand. Stick them on packaging, your laptop, notebook and other items where your logo shouldn’t be missing. It’s also a fun and low-cost give-away.

7. Car stickers

Do you have a company car? Then it is very easy to put stickers of your logo and with your company information on it. In addition to advertising, you are immediately recognizable for your customer.

Stickers come in many shapes and sizes and can be used for many business purposes. Do you already use stickers for business purposes?

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