Ultra-affordable all-in-one TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone

The lucrative business of multi-media creations has enticed celebrities, known-personalities, and other creative content creators to dive into vlogging. These people pocket their stash from multi-platform accessibility of their contents through known social media networks i.e. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. The content creation had also been made easy by mobile phones equipped with HD cameras, then edited through desktop or laptop where you can add background music or voice-over on your video content.

A known Youtuber can earn 6-digit per month, based on subscribers and views, ultimately, luring new content creators to try on their luck. The TONOR TC-777 is a driver-free and plug-and-play USB microphone which competitively bang-for-buck for its current price range, definitely suits for startups.

It’s equipped with a high-quality cardioid microphone capsule, in an all-in-one setup: Microphone with Power Cord, Tripod desk stand with folding feet, Mini Shock Mount, and Pop Filter —-mainly, out of the box ready to use, no assembly needed. It’s designed for gaming, vocal recording, voice-over, streaming, voice recognition, YouTube video, Skype, Zoom, and maybe for online schooling.


1. Complete accessories (tripod, shock mount, pop filter, accessories is complete, no need to pay more for others.)
2. Good sound quality, enough for daily use
3. Compact size and good appearance
4. High cost-performance, only $39 for a complete mic set
5. Good compatibility, plug and play, perfect compatibility with Windows, Apple, and LINUX system, also support PS4.  


  1. There’s no on/off button, need to unplug to switch off
  2. Need USB extender for flexible setup



The TONOR TC-777 is a great alternative entry-level USB microphone. Its price range is undeniably competitive from its functionality and all-in-one setup. It is easy to use and suitable for starting content creators, home offices, and gaming.

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