Three reasons to 3D print through a service agency

If you want to start 3D printing you could purchase your own 3D printer. However, this can be rather expensive and difficult. It will take a lot of time to troubleshoot and optimize the settings of the 3D printer for example. Otherwise your prints will not be of the desired quality. You could also potentially reach the limits of your printers’ capability even though you want to experiment more. Therefore, it may be better to 3D print through a service bureau that also offers sheet metal fabrication or rapid prototyping as a service. 

Easy to start

A service bureau provides you with an easy start to your 3D printing San Diego career. Producing good 3D prints takes skill, which is what the specialized companies obviously have. So, it is essentially hassle-free for you. Besides that, you also do not need to worry about technical issues. Failed prints will not happen, you do not need to dispose of uncured filament or resin, et cetera. Hiring a service bureau just makes it much easier for you to 3D print. This is also partially because the business often has a website with a ton of information about 3D printing, the materials, the finishes, et cetera. 

Save time and money

Why would you spend money on equipment, maintenance, and workspace if you do not have to? If you just become the customer of a service bureau you will save a lot of money. But, you also will not have to spend time learning how to use a 3D printer or optimizing a new design. This will all be done by the company. In the post-processing steps you could lose a lot of time as well, while it could cost more too. 3D prints sometimes need a finish, but the service bureau could just do this for you.

Lots of technologies, materials, and colors

Another advantage of a service bureau is that they have a big variety of technologies, materials, and colors. Most consumer 3D printers use plastic, like PLA or ABS filaments, or a kind of light-sensitive resin. These can work well for prototyping or model making, but there are much better materials and technologies available. However, consumers often are not in the position to use these. Service bureaus are though. They can offer you so many more technologies, materials, and colors. This will give you the opportunity to 3D print everything and anything.

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