Ring Always Home Cam is an indoor security flying drone

Ring has just announced a new product to its smart home security and automation devices called the Ring Always Home Cam. It is a truly smart device that has an actual flying drone docked on the device and will fly inside your home to check on the area where the alarm was triggered. The company also promised an end-to-end encryption for its Ring App’s Control Center later this year for enhance security features of its devices. It will be soon flying inside your home in $2021 for $250.

It should be a secured security camera rather than a threat

If you’re thinking that it should be totally secured and encrypted, well, you should be. With its ability to fly around your house, it could be more than a security cam but, instead a threat. So to calm your thoughts, here are the design pre-cautions by Ring:

  1. Ring says the device travels only on a path determined by the customer and it can’t be controlled manually with feed live in the Ring app.
  2. It is a purpose-driven-camera with just a 5-minute HD live streaming runtime and an hour to charge.
  3. The Always Home Cam is compatible to Ring Alarm security kit so when the alarm is compromised in away mode, the security drone will leave its dock and fly in the zone where the alarm is triggered. It’s designed with “obstacle avoidance technology” so it can fly around safely and avoid things on its path, it will send notifications when it return to its dock when it can’t complete the designated path.
  4. It’s designed to hum when it’s flying so you will know that it’s looking around your home.
  5. Always Home Cam’s camera is hidden when it’s docked and should only record when it flies.
  6. Ring also added video encryption page to its Control Center privacy and security landing page which regard to implementation of end-to-end encryption later this year.

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