NVIDIA RTX 3080 graphics cards in-stock in Amazon for $5,000

After selling out in a matter of minutes at most major US retailer, the highly sought Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card are notifying interested buyers from Amazon Marketplace with scalper’s price of $5000 each. NVIDIA has issued its apology regarding the shortage of supply and promises to do weekly shipments to cope up with the demand. Retailers have experienced unprecedented traffic during RTX 3080’s launch, now should we blame the demand from those crypto miners or there are just very small shipments that are made prior to retailers?

The situation had gone to ticket-scalper inflated price trolling lots of interested buyers from Amazon where they are being notified of the availability of the graphic card but with a ridiculous price like $2,999. The notification system of Amazon will send you an email if an item which currently unavailable gets replenish or if there are related listings to your interest, this functionality seemed to be abused by the third-party sellers.

Reports also point the same or even worst scenarios from eBay where RTX 3080 orders skyrocketed to thousands of dollars as well. There’s also a Reddit thread discussion of using bots to artificially pads the scalper’s prices. In the end, buyers should be patient to wait and consider the little delay brought by the pandemic then, hopefully, lower the demand and stop those trolling sellers.

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