How Does GeoComply Technology Work?


Since every state in the USA has mandated geolocation tagging during online gambling, it only makes sense to introduce a dedicated service offering holistic solutions. While conventional GPS works on mobile devices, desktops lack any inherent tracking technology. This is just one of the numerous problems GeoComply plans to solve with its geolocation services.

Most online casinos in the United States of America allow players to browse and manage their accounts or withdraw and deposit money from any part of the country. However, all gaming activities must be strictly performed under the jurisdiction of the States that allow online wagering. And this is why we need reliable geo-tracking services.

What is GeoComply?

Geolocation is a pinpointing technology that uses the player’s coordinates to verify their physical location. Thus, ensuring gamers are within the state boundaries during the entire session. This is usually done by triangulating the player’s Wi-Fi signal and tracking their IP address.

The New Jersey authorities use GeoComply to validate the current location of individuals using online gambling services of any sort. The service comes pre-installed for Android and iOS app users, while desktop users must download and run the app in the background while accessing gambling sites on their PC.

It’s a one-time affair and automatically activates every time you sign in thereafter. Players caught accessing their accounts from outside state lines will have their accounts blocked temporarily.

How Can Players Ensure Smooth Geotracking?

GeoComply is triggered when you first access casino servers, and it runs intermittently in the background during the entire period of activity. Although there’s nothing gamers can do to ensure the app remains active throughout the tenure, you could follow a few simple steps to allow greater access.

1. Make sure the Wi-Fi is active at all times. While you don’t need to stay connected to a wireless network, GeoComply requires uninterrupted Wi-Fi signals to track you. Desktop users might need to purchase a standalone Wi-Fi adapter if one doesn’t come from the factory.

2. Make sure you have strong wireless connectivity. Although you don’t need a backup connection, always check for two other networks.

3. Turn off all VPN servers, remote desktop software, and Virtual Network clients while connecting to GeoComply.

4. Avoid using third-party internet connections, including public Wi-Fi or corporate connections, as these might assign out-of-state IP addresses.

5. Contact your ISP, informing them about assigning IP addresses from your state.

Geolocation services are extensively used in Nevada and Delaware apart from New Jersey, as online gambling is prevalent in these parts. But state authorities have a tedious journey ahead in maintaining geofencing. While this isn’t a problem for casinos with in-house IT departments, regulating activity from public networks is a challenge, especially at truck stops, gas stations, convenience stores, and similar establishments.

Lawmakers have raised concerns about how geofencing might work in their location, with one petitioner asking for a clear buffer zone to allow for his connection to stop right at the front door! While another person raised his concern about the cost and effectiveness of geofencing.

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