Benefits of the Internet of Things


Futuristic dreams of an automated home sensing your arrival, turning on the lights that you need, and starting a fresh pot of coffee for you are becoming a reality. Technology product development in San Jose has made it possible to connect appliances, heating and cooling systems, lights, and more wirelessly and to your smart device. This interconnectedness can be very beneficial to your everyday life not only at home but at work as well. Check out these great benefits of connecting your things.

Remote Connection to Devices

Have you ever been on vacation and couldn’t remember if you had turned off the oven or locked the door before you left? Having a smart oven or smart lock that is connected to the internet, would allow you to open an app on your phone or tablet and check on the status of either of these things. Imagine the peace of mind that ability would provide.

Smoother Maintenance of Appliances

Appliances need to be well maintained so that they can run efficiently. Your heating and cooling system regularly needs new filters, your smoke detectors must be replaced periodically, printers need replacement ink and water softeners need salt when they get low. When your appliances are connected, you can be notified of these issues before they happen so you can be prepared.  You can even have supplies automatically arrive when your appliances need them.

Save Money

Connecting your home or business to the internet help to keep your costs to a minimum. Because each connected appliance or device sends information almost constantly, repairs are expedited saving time and ultimately money. Also, smart lights and thermostats cut down on energy needs that can save money.

Greater Security

Remote cameras allow you to check on your home while you are away. You can see who has been hanging around your property or check on deliveries. As you can see, this technology can be very useful. It is time to get connected!

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