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With the high rate at which technology is evolving, it is essential to take your time once in a while to check out what is new. Don’t settle for a gadget simply just like you don’t settle when you choose the  bet365 casino bonus code; more robust devices are being released into the market every day. To get you started, we discuss some of the smartest, new tech, and gadgets.

 Evolve Stoke Electric Skateboard

The Evolve Stoke Electric skateboard is a pocket-rocket sized slasher that is very portable. It is made from ECO-friendly bamboo and fiberglass construction. You will also love the Evolve super-carve truck, and Orangatang Caguma wheels that allow you to throw down carves that you have never thrown before. 

You will also love the bonus on the deck. It has a surf-inspired EVA foam pad for the back foot and a rear kick-tail, which has the capability of popping off small curbs and lips that you come across in your daily ride. The GTR 3000 watt dual motor power, together with the newest lithium and Bluetooth technology, will keep you surfing the whole day.

Master Lock Biometric Padlock

Have you ever envisaged a scenario where you are able to open your padlock using your fingerprint? Well, Master Lock has unveiled a weather durable and attack robust padlock. This padlock allows you to swiftly unlock it using your fingerprint without using the traditional key. 

There is a back up directional keypad entry system; therefore, you have the option to choose your preferred mechanism. To take care of locks used by more than one person, the padlock can save up to 10 different fingerprints. Two prints are stored for primary users and eight additional people. The padlock has been made to resist any physical attacks and has an internal battery that can last up to a year. 

Polaroid OneStep 2 i-type camera

Are looking for a lightweight, simple, and easy to use with the latest tech camera? Then the Polaroid OneStep 2 i-type is your camera. It has a built-in rechargeable but long-lasting battery and comes with a USB cable so, don’t worry about replacing batteries.

Your selfies are taken care of. The camera has a self-timer function that allows you to plan your selfies or group photos. The quality of the photos is excellent too. The built-in strobe flash and superior quality 2ft to infinity lens ensure the quality of your images is high. 

Owlet Smart Sock and Camera Set

Are you first-time parents and are worried about your baby every time they are not in sight. Well, get some peace of mind by acquiring this camera and a sock that will send data about your child’s heart rate and oxygen levels to the Owlet app. You can also stream HD videos and audio.

The app has integrated wellness notifications functionality. The smart sock is linked to a base station that will shine green to notify you that everything is ok. Incase heart rate or oxygen levels are not healthy, it will use sounds and app notifications to alert you. It comes with many great features like the two-way talk and listen, HD streaming, and night vision that ensures parents have a great experience. 

Sage Fast Slow Multi-cooker

This is an excellent piece of tech that is part pressure cooker, part slow cooker, and part robo-chef. It has sensors at the bottom and top of the cooking chamber that adjust the pressure, steam levels, and heat. This makes sure that you get the most out of all the individual items you are cooking. 

It has a six-liter capacity, 12 smart menus, and eight pressure levels suitable for delicate foods as well as extra fast cooking.              

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