How Smurfing Will Improve Your Skills As A LoL Player

When you hit a wall and just can’t seem to get better as a League of Legends player, you need some help. No matter what your skill level is, there is always more to learn to become a better player.

One of the most effective ways to get better is to use a smurf account. What is a smurf account? They are League of Legends accounts that use a secondary account instead of your main ranked one. This way, if you totally screw up you won’t lose your ranking from your other account. 

In this article, I will go over several ways that using a ranked smurf account will help you become a better LoL player.

New strategies

Trying out new, unproven strategies when using your main account is risky to say the least. You can lose your ranking and essentially be starting over again if you aren’t careful and your new tactics don’t work out.

This is when using a smurf is ideal. You are free to get as risky as you want and try out new strategies. If the new strategy is not working at first, you can keep trying and trying until it works or you decide it is not viable. That’s not something you can do with your main account if you value your ranking.

Using a ranked smurf account will allow you to still play in ranked games so you know people are actually trying and not just goofing around. If you choose to play unranked games with your main account, you’re not likely to face any real competition so learning new tricks doesn’t mean much.

You can change roles

With your main account you likely found your strength and worked on that role. As a top laner, you really are only going to play roles within that lane and that can limit you a bit. Stepping out of your shoes and trying on a new role can help you see things from a different angle.

A smurf account allows you to try those new roles. What’s the benefit of doing that? For starters, you can understand how your teammates with other roles will respond to many different scenarios. And knowing that on the fly will allow you to anticipate things in the heat of battle.

Be anonymous

Sometimes you just don’t want to play with your friends as they may not be up to the same skill level as you are. They can hold you back quite a bit and be frustrating to play with. When you are playing for fun it can be fine, but if you are trying to improve your game then sometimes you need to go it alone.

Another time it pays to be anonymous is if you have people gunning for you. The better you are as a player, the more players that look to knock you off of your pedestal. As soon as you sign on and start playing then you may be dealing with some annoying players who come looking for you.

And that can lead to always trying to defend your ranking instead of learning and improving your game. With a smurf account, nobody has your number and you can play and learn in peace. 

Play different regions

People of different cultures are going to approach the game differently, for the most part. If you want to see how people in other parts of the world like to play, then you can switch regions and join the fun wherever you fancy.

You will likely see some other players that are much harder to play against and be able to learn something from that. The Asia area has some experts that would be hard to beat if you weren’t exposed to how they play.

You can then go back to your region with your main account and put some of the new knowledge to work and see how you do against competition that you had trouble with previously.

Learn how to deal with toxic players

Toxic players are part of the landscape at any level, but when you are in ELO hell you are pretty much surrounded. To get out you will have to use some psychological skills that will serve you at the higher levels. 

Overcoming conflicts can help you be a better teammate and help your team win. It will be annoying to have to go through this scenario multiple times, but you essentially become immune to the toxicity after a while. 

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