Sony PS5 price leaked for $396

Sony’s most anticipated gaming console PS5 has just been around the corner and by this time, key details have been scattered everywhere. One of the vital information may have just been leaked by a gaming store in the north.

In a report, Play N Trade Vancouver Island has opened a pre-order of PS5 for an ultimately affordable price of CA$599.99. If you do a quick googled conversion, that is roughly US$396 or £318. It’s much cheaper by a hair from its predecessor PS4 which was launched starting at $399 or £349.

Image Credit from Notebookcheck

We don’t know if the Canadian retailer is gauging the interest with its initial pre-order price then, charge the actual official price tag later on. One other explanation, Sony’s previous success in undercutting the price of PS4 from Xbox One by $100 —-this enables them to make a larger pie on the console gaming market, which may also translate with PS5.

However, we can’t take our eyes on a more gaming-focused Xbox Series X which could redeem Microsoft’s stand in the market. Hopefully, they have already learned their mistakes and set more competitive pricing even they have invested in its console hardware.

Sony and Microsoft have had declared that the coronavirus outbreak won’t delay their gaming consoles. Both consoles are slotted to make a debut later this year at around November. If the hardware will make it on time, we just hope that there will be no delays in the games that will launch with each device.

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