When To Smurf: A Guide To LoL Smurfing The Right Way

Boosting and smurfing are two of the most controversial topics in gaming today. People have very strong opinions on both sides. For or against, surely you have heard many arguments made about those two practices.

This article is not going to pick sides definitively, but we do want to discuss scenarios when it does make sense to smurf. Whether you agree with the practice or not, there are times when it is perfectly harmless to smurf. Like everything else in life, you can choose to do good or evil so it’s up to you.

Let’s dive in and look at some times when it makes sense to smurf. 

It’s good to practice

If you are trying out some new strategies on League of Legends, you may not want to use your main account. Firstly because you could end up losing ranking if your moves prove to be ineffective. Or, worse, result in a ban.

Sure, you can play a normal game with your main account to practice, but the experience of a ranked game is much different. You aren’t really getting good practice time in with a normal game.

This is a good way to also find champions to play against that might result in a nice elo. If you don’t want to grind through the ranks you can also speed it up by purchasing a LoL elo boost to quickly get to your elo with outstanding MMR.

Play with lower ranked friends

If you are the best LoL player amongst your friends (Congratulations!) and still want to play with them, then smurfing is your only option. Again, you can play normal mode with them, but they also want to rank so playing a ranked game you will need a smurf account.

You can teach them how to play and even help boost their ranking at the same time. Plus, it is fun to play with guys you know.

Play for fun

When you’re climbing the rankings, you end up feeling a lot of pressure. It gets more difficult to play and honestly, sometimes it isn’t fun.

You are likely stressed as the champions are hard to play against and you worry about losing your hard earned ranking.

Playing with a smurf account takes all the pressure off. You can actually enjoy the game and not worry too much if things don’t go your way. 

The funny thing is, you may end up doing better with your smurf account than your main one as you are not playing with fear. Fear can lead to bad decisions and when you are having fun, then you are not making emotional decisions. 


There is a simple solution if you don’t like the ethics of smurfing. Just don’t do it. And if you do decide to do it, then there is nothing wrong with doing it for these reasons.

As long as you aren’t using your smurf to destroy lesser players just for the sake of it then smurfing is perfectly fine. 

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