Recent Trends Affecting ITSM Solutions

If your organization has already adopted an ITSM solution, then it is inevitable to consider how technology trends are affecting how these solutions are implemented. Modern businesses recognize and acknowledge the importance of making sure that only up-to-date processes are in place. It is critical to keep up with these trends to guarantee the success of any ITSM implementation.

With so much that is going in the IT industry, it helps to focus on ITSM specifically and know what the future holds. Here is a list of the latest trends and innovations which every ITSM provider should know.

Greater focus on automation

The concept of automation is not new. The primary reason why ITSM solutions are marketed to businesses is to automate manual processes. According to Joe the IT guy, ITSM providers are focusing on how to enhance automation features; thus, increasing speed, efficiency, and enhancing quality.

The goal with automation is not only to reduce manual work but also ensure that the output meets specified standards. ITSM, in many ways, provides the foundation for more automation in any organization. This system is the foundation for introducing new tools that will do away with troublesome and repetitive tasks.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

In line with automation, AI and machine learning are two trends that will play a major role in the future of ITSM. AI will not only provide new convenient functionalities but also facilitate self-help among users. There are already many applications of AI in IT management. Examples include using chatbots for customer support and AI for data analysis.

Improved value for business

An organization chooses to implement an ITSM solution because it adds value to the business. For ITSM providers, it is a priority to consider improvements that would make IT solutions realize business goals and not merely predictable outputs. While it is inherent in any ITSM solution to ensure greater efficiency for the user, a far greater need is to guarantee that implementing these solutions not only provides advanced technology but also aligns with the company’s values and objectives.

Adopting enterprise service management

Enterprise service management simply means using ITSM processes and best practices for other departments in the organization. For example, ITSM solutions may be integrated with HR to improve service delivery and other functionalities. This trend in integration adds greater value to the solution and helps the company make the most out of the investment.

Improved employee productivity

Many of the trends that impact ITSM ultimately lead to a single goal – that is improved employee productivity. Indeed, it makes sense from a business perspective to prioritize productivity in the implementation of an IT solution.

Reduced IT waste

Another trend that will define ITSM solutions now and in the years to come is reducing IT waste. Not only will reduced waste help maximize company resources, but it is also essential in reducing inefficiencies. Companies that adopt ITSM solutions will greatly benefit from practices aimed at doing away with redundant tasks; thus guaranteeing faster delivery and better end-user experience.

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