Upcoming Gadgets In 2020

As we move from a turbulent decade that has suffered from the escalating climate crisis, mass migration and populism, the tech world seems as promising as ever.  From robotic pets to flying taxi, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020 has displayed more interesting prototypes and concepts than ever before.

Here are the top gadgets making headlines at the CES extravaganza this year and rivaling NJ Online casinos in terms of popularity.

Flying Taxi

While different companies continue looking at the future of transportation, Uber’s dream of having flying taxis on the mass market is now a step closer to reality. Following their partnership with Hyundai, the two just unveiled their S-A1 concept with four rotors for takeoffs and landings.

According to Hyundai, the flying taxi will ferry four people with their luggage across a maximum distance of 60 miles in up to 2,000ft altitudes. However, their initial expectation is that a pilot will fly it, though they plan to operate it autonomously eventually. Even better, the manufacturer expects to start mass production of the taxis before the end of the year.

Matrix Juno Supercooler

Have you ever wanted a microwave that could cool things in a matter of seconds instead of heating them? Well, that’s what gives what the $300 Matrix Juno is all about. This kitchen countertop device uses matrix technology that converts body heat into electricity using the Peltier effect.

With the machine’s cutting edge technology, a liquid bath will give you a cooling machine with the capability of chilling a beer can to about four degrees Celcius in two minutes. The manufacturer is currently crowdfunding the project on Indiegogo and it’s expected to be available on the mass market in the third quarter of the year.

Toothbrush Tech

At the CES 2020, the humble toothbrush had an upgrade with the release of Colgate’s Plaqless Pro. The new gadget comes with inbuilt sensors to scan your teeth, giving you real-time information on the condition of your dental formula and how clean it is. Even better, it comes with an app that gives you a detailed map of your mouth and the bits you’ve missed.

If brushing for two minutes seems too daunting for you, try the Y-Brush from FasTeesH. This toothbrush gets your teeth clean in 10 seconds by brushing your whole mouth simultaneously. Its design looks like a mouth guard attached to a box, with bristles that vibrate to clean you as you chew on it.

Segway S-Pod

In the world of tech, walking is overrated. Like a science fiction film come to life, the self-balancing automobile company, Segway unveiled their S-pod, a two-wheel vehicle that resembles the 1960s egg chair. The vehicle is designed for first-class transportation in theme parks, airports, and malls, reaching speeds of up to 24mph.

The vehicle will be driven remotely using a tablet or with the knob designed into the chair. Even better, Segway has worked hard to ensure that accidents will be minimal, with a shift in the S-Pod’s center of gravity by leaning back slowing it down instead of applying the brakes directly on its wheels. However, users can still crash it.

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