The Most Innovative Gadgets of the Decade

While we’ve seen thousands of gadgets releases by different manufacturers over the last ten years, their impact on the modern world is not identical. Smartphones have moved from pricey gadgets to necessary devices, used more than a desktop or laptop. Even better, there were laptops and gaming systems that got us rethinking of how good gaming tech should look and feel like. 

Here’s a list of five innovative gadgets that has had a great impact on our lives this decade. Punters can see here the bookies that have embraced technology to remain competitive in this growing industry.

Top 5 Innovative Gadgets Of The 2010s

Raspberry Pi – 2012

While various manufacturers have been trying to make super-cheap computers for decades, Raspberry Pi was the first feasible attempt. Though this little device wasn’t a complete computer, this affordable ($25) device was great for watching movies with your TV and playing old SNES games.

The Raspberry Pi opened an entirely new world to tech tinkers, though it could hardly be used as a replacement to your computer due to speed issues. The later versions of the Pi got a bit powerful, though the price has gone a little high.

Amazon Echo -2014

For years, voice assistants have only existed in science fiction. However, the Amazon Echo changed that in 2014, though Alexa wasn’t in good shape when it was released. Suddenly, the Echo products became a brilliant solution for getting all your smart gadgets to interact with. Alexa can turn off the lights, play music and even read your bedtime stories.

DJI Phantom 3 – 2015

First released in 2013, DJI Phantom has been a household name in the consumer drones market. The white quadcopter was once popular as the “iPhone of drones” due to its abilities and ease of use. While the earlier versions required a third-party camera such as GoPro, the Phantom 3 came equipped with an HD camera and by the end of the decade, its fourth generation was equipped with a 4K camera.

Though DJI seems to be focusing on smaller, foldable drones, the Phantom remains to be a mean quadcopter. Even better, they’ve led to the rise of a drone racing league, with major companies betting on the gadgets to handle everything from surveillance to transportation.

Oculus Rift – 2016

Before the invention of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, people’s idea of VR was fetched from awkward sci-fi movies such as The Lawnmower Man. However, the Rift proved that VR is within our reach, and it’s fun as hell. It didn’t come cheap and the PC requirements meant having an upgrade for most people, but it ushered in an era of Virtual reality development that’s still continuing today.

Nintendo Switch – 2017

While there are lots of gaming tech manufacturers in the world, none of them can rival Nintendo’s track record for gaming on the go. Nintendo started its journey with the humble 1989 Game Boy and went to introduce a hybrid gaming console, Nintendo Switch in 2017. This gaming console allows you to play games with it from anywhere and you can also connect it with your TV.

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