A Beginner’s GuideTo Build A Robot From Scratch

Over the years, robotics competitions have become nation-wide events. With the 2020 robotics competition season in full swing, tech enthusiasts all over the world are gearing up to compete. Several high schools across the United States are training students to design, build and operate robots for these competitions. As a tech enthusiast, you do not need to be in high school or attend a class to create your own robotic machine. Whether you want to compete in a competition or make a robot to complete every day tasks on your behalf, you are in the right place. Learn how to build a robot from scratch for beginners below. 

Determine The Ideal Environment 

Before you can begin the building process, you need to determine the ideal environment for your DIY robot. The terrain that you plan to use your machine on directly impacts your overall design. If you want to use your robot outdoors, it will need durable components that can withstand rocks and mud. On the other hand, if you want to use your robot solely indoors, you will not need to purchase such sturdy tech materials. Robots that move on hardwood floors typically do not come into contact with items that can cause them harm. Decide on the ideal environment for your robot to begin building it from scratch. 

Create A Sketch Of Your Robot

After you determine the ideal environment for your robot, create a sketch of it. This is your time to get creative, choose a style for your bot and put your tech knowledge to use. When selecting a style for your robot, do not be afraid to use your imagination. Some tech enthusiasts want to enter competitions with human-looking robots while others prefer animal bots. Regardless of the style you choose, ensure that you also keep the electrical components of your bot in mind. Your robot needs to be large enough to hold a variety of materials. It also needs to be structured in a way that allows you to connect electronic components properly. Focus on both appearance and functionality when sketching your robot. Once you create a realistic sketch of your bot, you can move onto the next step of building a robot yourself. 

Gather The Components You Need 

The next step entails gathering the components you need to build your own robot. Basic robotic materials include resistors, integrated circuits, LEDs and sensors. You will also need to acquire wiring, computer simulation software, and switches. Some projects require items like batteries and servos as well. One of the best places to look for these components is an electronic parts search engine like Octopart. There, you can find elements ranging from sensors to wires to power products. Read reviews online to ensure that you choose the best electronic parts search engine to purchase your materials from. Then, you can build a high-functioning robot from scratch. 

Assemble Your Robot 

Once you acquire the materials you need to build a robot, begin assembling it based on your sketch. The assembly process differs from project to project, which is why using your sketch as a guide is crucial. This step entails putting your robot’s specific hardware components together. This can mean attaching microcontrollers to the tops of servos for some tech enthusiasts. For others, this step might also include attaching wheels to the body of the robot. Use your design sketch to guide you through your project’s assembly. Afterward, you can continue on to the last step of the robot-building process. 

Perform Basic Wiring

Finally, perform the basic wiring for your robot DIY project. For many tech enthusiasts, this step is the tell-all for whether or not the robot will actually function. Typically, this step involves connecting speaker leads and servo jumpers to the breadboard. Attach your batteries to the servos during this step as well. Moreover, connect switches to their corresponding electronic components. By connecting your materials through wiring, you prepare your robot to complete its tasks. Hence, this is a critical final step for building a robot from scratch. 

Since the rise of DIY robot competitions, more tech enthusiasts want to build their own machines. To begin the process, determine the ideal environment for your bot. Then, use your imagination and knowledge of electronic parts to create a realistic robot sketch. Once you complete your sketch, use an online electronic parts store to find the components you need for building a robot. Acquire the materials and begin the assembly process based on your design sketch. Lastly, consider watching a tutorial video to perform basic wiring for your bot properly. Follow this guide to build a robot from scratch for beginners successfully. 

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