Top 5 Reasons League Of Legends Has Become So Popular

League of Legends is a free to play MOBA. MOBA is a multiplayer online battle arena. The game matches five players against a team of five players in a thrilling battle where winners take all. The fast-paced game proves extremely thrilling and enticing for players as it is jam-packed with insatiable champions that boast mind-boggling abilities. While there are quite a few popular games out there, League of Legends has become the most played game across the globe in quite a short space of time. With over 7 million gamers opting for this multiplayer online battle arena as their first choice, many may be wondering why exactly this game has caught such widespread praise in the gaming community.

League of Legends was released in 2010 and gamers around the world made their missions to purchase Unranked Smurfs accounts to explore what the game has to offer. At the time of release, this game was exceptionally different from any other on the market and while many may have never anticipated such extreme success for LoL, which may be one of the most notable reasons the game become such a sensation. However, there are also several other reasons League of Legends has grown to overtake every other popular game on the market.

Updates Are Regular

League of Legends is one of the few games out there that are constantly being updated. Even though many updates receive some slack as champion changes often don’t appeal to everyone, the mere fact that the game is constantly being developed keeps gamers enticed. Certain changes mean players are unlikely to grow tired of the features and functions of champions, which ultimately aids and maintains the number of gamers glued to their consoles. In 2014, League of Legends released a total of 6 new champions, much to the delight of players. Along with new champions, new skins and countless reworks were also introduced to the game. The makers of LoL did not stop there as extreme updates are constantly giving players a whole new arena of champions to explore. 

Competitive Thrills

There are various different types of gameplays out there for players to enjoy and while adventurous games have become quite popular, nothing seems to top the joys of competitive play for gamers. League of Legends takes the competitive play to the next level by ensuring players that whether or not they choose to invest money into the game, their odds will not be altered. This means that players who add funds to their accounts will not have an advantage over those who do not. Therefore, the only way to climb ranks to obtain victories within the game, ultimately providing players with a most extreme competitive sensation as they devote their gaming time to bettering their skills. The achievements in the game prove to be exceptionally addictive for gamers as you won’t be able to buy your way to the top. With enough practice, anyone will be able to climb ranks and enjoy the thrills of the game, which is an aspect that not many games on the market provide. 


In recent years, multiplayer games have become exceptionally popular as the act of playing with friends has turned into a sort of social experience. Rather than opting for games that ultimately isolate players in a virtual ream, League of Legends enhances the multiplayer world of gaming by allowing players to forge teams of 5 players that will be matched to an opposing team of 5 players through the game. This game makes it quite simple to socialize on a gaming level and meet with like-minded individuals over the arena. The social experience simply fuels the popularity of this incredibly unique game.

Shorter Games

Adventurous games may be somewhat popular as players are able to journey through varying obstacles and level up along the way. However, not everyone is drawn to the fact that adventure games will consume large amounts of time. League of Legends provides gamers with a solution by offering shorter games that are extremely fast-paced. This aspect helps players organize their gaming time and prioritize how much time they will have to play rather than devoting endless hours to games that do not host this function. You will be able to play 30-minute games which means the thrills of the game will be compounded as well. If the length of League of Legends games was significantly longer, it would probably not be nearly as popular as it is currently. 

Popularity Feeds Popularity

While some games seem to be a short-lived sensation that soon dies out as another game overtakes it, League of Legends seems to have built up unique popularity that feeds on popularity itself. As more players join the game, they encourage more players to join. League of Legends has become the number one game in the world and there is absolutely no doubt that it will remain the most popular game for several years to come. This is simply because the game has managed to reach as well as maintain this status for so long that it will not likely fade easily. With ongoing updates and tweaks added to the game to enhance the gaming experience,  League of Legends developers will likely uphold the popularity of the game to ensure player numbers never diminish and fade. Whether you are a budding gamer or an experienced player, League of Legends is a suitable game for all types of players to build up their experience and obtain rewarding achievements. This game is also the perfect introductory to the gaming world for those who do not boast extreme gaming skills as game are shorter. While there is a list of additional reasons this game has taken over the gaming industry, there is also no doubt that it will remain a top choice for several years to come as gamers across the globe continue to opt for League of Legends above any other game of the market. 

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