Benefits of Using an Answering Service

The answering service might sound like an archaic industry, but it is still used today because it can sow so many benefits for employers. These services provide people to help busy businesses ensure every incoming call receives superb customer service. It helps industries keep up and in touch with their clientele and capitalize on potential new clients by knowing that every single call and email is answered. This isn’t the only benefit of having real people on your phone system! There are tons of reasons that opting to use answering services can be more lucrative than automated systems.


Especially for larger businesses, having around-the-clock service in place can help them to reach and respond to more customers than if their staff was only working the 9-5 grind. In industries such as insurance that might have emergency situations such as car wrecks or home damage, customers need to know there will always be someone on the line to help them through the initial process of resolving their problem. For these complex problems, having a real person on the line can be both a comfort and an advantage to clients.

It can also be advantageous for periods when switchboards and phone lines are getting overloaded with calls in the office. Having a backup source of manpower to answer and route calls can help your in-office staff and keep customers happy. Even in smaller offices, such as a doctor’s private practice, answering services can help to field calls from clients during lunch hours or after the office has closed. This way the receptionist doesn’t walk into a mound of voicemails and have to spend her morning returning calls and scheduling appointments.

Business Savvy

Having people picking up your business’ phone calls can even reduce the amount of money you have to sink into your venture. For a rapidly expanding business, it might still be too costly to hire on more people just to handle the influx of calls or emails. If your company is web or home-based, you would even have to rent a space to put these new employees. Outsourcing this task to a service can cut down on those costs without compromising the friendly feel of your customer service.

No matter the size of your business or industry you’re in, every business owner wants to make a good impression on their customers. Hiring a service to maintain that service level can help!

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