A quick introduction to android real money gaming apps

Today, almost every individual has a smartphone. Perhaps, you did not know that smartphone and tablet users have two choices – Android and iOS devices. Also, around 96 percent of the devices in use today are based on the Android OS. So, most of the people who download real money casino apps do that on their android phones. Aware of the opportunities Android phones have presented, gaming companies have rolled out real money Android gaming apps along with free apps. 

We are already in the era of portable technology and we can access every type of digital commodity. Android players get the best experience associated with land-based or online desktop casinos and there are no differences in how they load games on their Android phones. 

Accessing the Android real money games 

One method of accessing the android games is through the mobile browser, which is the instant play version. The second method involves download and installation of the game app. The games accessed through mobile phone browsers are identical to the offered desktop websites, but they are designed to be compatible with mobile devices. Most casino operators offer their gaming apps on Google Play Store or as downloads from the official website.

One benefit of playing through the mobile browser is that you will not need to download or install any app, which might take a lot of memory space on your device. Websites are flash-based programs run directly through the mobile phone or tablet browser. 

While many casino games will function well on your mobile browser, some games like Slots may malfunction or lag. That depends on the gaming platform you have selected. However, some games like Blackjack and Roulette work fine on most android browsers. When playing games through a mobile browser, you are likely to find many games than you would access when playing through an app. 

How Android mobile games differ from desktop versions 

Playing games on Android devices is not the same as playing them on a personal computer. You will deal with a touchscreen when using a smartphone or tablet device, which means that you have to get used to the touchscreen before you start playing a real money casino game. The slider and option buttons are very small so the players have to be careful to avoid pressing the wrong buttons accidentally. Experts advise beginner level gamblers to start with the free android mobile games before moving to the real money ones. 

Android mobile games might not be the right choice for people who love multi-tabling because they can only access one game at a time. However, Android game developers are working hard to provide apps that can provide gamers with ultimate gaming experience, complete with many features such as multi-tabling. 

Benefits of playing real money games on your Android device 

  • Marvellous graphics and software 

Some casino software runs better than others do. Some of the best casino software is from NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech. NetEnt has been developing entertaining games with the best graphics and software around. The games from PlayTech and NetEnt have great software too. 

  • Fast loading and smooth gameplay

Due to HTML5 technology, download and no-download games are smooth and fast. So, you should not expect any software crashes or lagging when playing your favourite casino games.

  • Wide range of mobile games 

Your decision on whether to wager on Android-based or not will highly depend on the available games. The range of games is limited to mobile casinos, but you will still find many classics to try. The popular games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and slots are now available on mobile devices. 

  • Mobile gaming bonuses 

Unlike it was some years ago, most mobile casinos are offering sign up bonuses in addition to the promotions and bonuses like free games and free spins. When playing games, you will find many bonuses and promotions. 


Android e-gaming sites are gaining popularity and they come with many benefits for the users. The reliability of the game depends on the operator and not the Android platform. After all, most sites have many clients and to ensure reliability, they get licenses from reputable authorities. Most operators such as ComeOn Casino employ third-party testing companies to ensure that their Android app games are running properly. 

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