WordPress Plugins for E-Learning

E-learning is offering individuals and institutions a chance to spread their tutoring wings. Content developers and consumers can now meet easily online. With the internet as an enabler, there are e-learning WordPress plugins that will deliver the best experience to content developers and learners so that desired goals are achieved. Professional provides the best help with homework to save time as well as reduce the cost of completing your assignments. 

VM Video Lesson Manager 

E-learning happens through uploaded materials like videos, presentations, graphics, and text, among others. A content developer targets to get revenue from clients subscribed to his or her lessons. VM Video Lesson Manager will assist you to display videos that are uploaded on the page or other platforms like YouTube. 

The video lesson manager will also assist you in limiting the channels or videos that open at each time as well as track the progress of each user. A learner can mark favorite minutes or sections on the video. The plugin allows the content developer to share data on the progress of a student in real-time. 


The plugin is designed for learners and content developers alike. It can be used in a commercial setting or for conventional e-learning sessions. The plugin is optimized for easy monetization of your blog or channel. 

LearnDash allows the content creator to segment his or her courses into multiple layers. You can create content for different classes or vary your content into quizzes and presentations. A scheduling feature allows you to determine when particular content will be available. It also comes with a grading feature where performance is tracked automatically. You will set the certificates and badges to award to your learners. 

LearnDash is heavy on monetization. It offers membership options, subscriptions, course licenses, and bundles within the same platform. You may get an advanced version that comes with multiple payment options. 

WP Courseware

WP Courseware provides features that simplify content creation about any topic. It is one of the most popular plugins for e-learning used for conventional learning and corporate orientation. The winning feature for this plugin is the drag and drop element that eliminates the need for advanced skills. 

Other features included in the WP Courseware include customized emailing, student progress visualizer, and course outlines, among others. You can create quizzes of different formats, including multiple choices, file uploads as well as yes or no answers. The price tag delivers the best value for money. 


LearnPress is one of the simplest plugins to use among the WordPress themes. It is free and does not require advanced skills to use it. You have an innovative landing page that will help you provide detailed course descriptions. It supports free and subscription collection and gives room for multiple teachers or instructors to direct a course. It also provides room for content dripping whereby you schedule the flow of content. 

WordPress has incredible plugins to support e-learning. You will make a choice based on personal preferences and budget. It is also advisable that you choose a plugin that offers multiple features to avoid overloading your WordPress. 

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