Protecting them from the online world – a parent’s guide

Did you know that the average age for a child to have their own smart device is just 10 years old? And the average age for a child to open a social media account is just 11? Scary stuff. As parents, we work hard and tirelessly to ensure that our little ones grow and thrive in an environment that is safe, secure and protected. However, once their children have access to the internet most parents feel totally helpless. Click here to find out more about keeping your child safe online.

As a parent it’s difficult to feel in control, you seemingly have no idea what they’re doing, what they’re viewing if they’re being bullied or the ones doing the bullying…not to mention the terrifying threat of online predators. It’s a wonder we let our children have access to the internet at all. However, help is at hand. And as difficult as it is to accept that your child is growing up in a digital world, there are steps you can take to ensure that they stay safe and have fun online. has come up with this super helpful infographic that will help get you started and give you a little more confidence. Check it out below.

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