HUNDEN Plays DreamHack Qualifier with Ruptured Appendix

The courage on some people. You might think that reading about esports players’ injuries is almost hilarious when considering your next bet on CSGO. Well, how about Nicolai Petersen, better known to fans as HUNDEN who finished a DreamHack Winter Closed Qualifier with a ruptured appendix. 

His team went on to defeat opponents from Sprout and secure a 2-1 victory after which HUNDEN had to be rushed to a hospital. If you had been reading about this case before the match, you would probably never have thought of putting a bet on CS GO, or not for the team with a player who’s starting to miss actual parts of his or her body in the very least!

A True Man of Steel – Hunden and His Appendix

Well, HUNDEN proved that he had nerves and physical durability of steel. It couldn’t have been easy to pull through the game, but he did and he successfully led his team to success. Of course, some have been critical of his attitude and said that despite admiring the feat – he should have given up the qualifier and go straight to hospital instead.

Yet, HUNDEN reassured everyone Tweeting from hospital that everything had gone well. He’s due to return on Thursday, October 31 and make his mark on the CS:GO community once again. 

Physical injuries usually can very quickly dissuade many people from placing match betting CSGO wagers on the team that sports the injuries. And such fans have all the reasons not to bet. Yet, it just goes to show that esports players are capable of pulling through some very serious physical challenges and still perform well.

Esports Endurance on a Competitive Level

A fast-paced game such as CS:GO takes a lot of reflexes that can actually translate into combat training, for example, even though physical prowess is hard to come by unless an individual has been training both their gaming skills and athleticism. 

Yet, if there is one thing that the situation has taught fans, it’s that to not take things as black and white. To try and focus on the fact that esports players need a lot of training and they are capable to excel.

CS:GO has been known for some toxic language, for sure, but the community has addressed it. The truth is that there are a lot of moving parts out there, and it makes perfect sense to try and do the best when it comes to being a better player, a better role model, and even a better sports bettor!

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