While just about any business theme or WordPress blog may be utilized for travel blogs and websites, you need your blog to pulsate with a sense of adventure.  As with any business, travel websites must reflect their core business- adventure. 

Consequently, the theme chosen for your blog or website should bear nuances of the excitement that an exotic trip or safari brings. In this article, we give you a breakdown of the top five themes for travel blogs and a brief description of their spectacular features.


The Avada theme is the best-selling and most popular theme, not only in the travel niche but across the board. It is a multi-purpose theme that can accommodate all manners of websites. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is user-friendly, rich in fantastic features and very customizable.

Avada supports the creative minded, meaning your travel blog or website shall be as unique and attractive as you wish it to be.

 It comes with various pre-built website demos to help you in your setting up. In addition, using its fusion builder, you can use these demos as templates to your travel website. Having been repeatedly ranked the best on the ThemeForest marketplace, Avada is available at a price of $60, which comes with 6 months’ worth of free customer support. 


In the travel and hospitality industry, photos are a crucial and indispensable component of selling/ marketing the business. The camera theme presents an opportunity to have amazing photos flawlessly integrated on your travel blog or website. Its full-width carousel is compatible with portrait and landscape photography. 

The layout on the camera theme is designed to draw attention to the photos more than anything else. In addition, it allows you to write brief accompanying stories for the pictures. Perhaps the most attractive feature about this theme is that it is already SEO optimized, which serves to give your blog an enhanced presence on the web. 

The theme also has social media links for your increased visibility and enhanced contact with your clients across the various media platforms.


With its attractive homepage complete with a weather widget, Zermatt is a poster child of what a travel blog or website theme should be about. The weather module enables you to alert your clients on the prevailing weather conditions in your area. 

That widget is not the only one available. In fact, the Zermatt theme avails your options to create various widgets of your own to suit your needs. Coupled with the galleries feature and pre-loaded booking form, Zermatt serves to enable your clients conveniently to get in touch with you. The theme leaves you ready to take the world by storm. 

Also, Zermatt has an infinite color palette to choose from, which allows you to align your blog to your brand’s color.


Themify Landing aids blogs by adding to their subscriber base through the integrated email and social media links. The theme also has an option allowing the creation of portfolios for the constant traveler; which is a plus for those looking to create travel blogs. 

For the user who seeks quick blog layout creation, Themify Landing’s in-built design layouts provide a useful starting point. There are over 25 such pre-designed layouts to choose from and customize. This theme also comes with a google maps widget to allow you to add location details to your pictures and posts.

This allows viewers of your travel blog to not only tell the location but get directions as well! There is also the option of going for Themify Elegant, which is an offshoot of Themify Landing. The latter option has a minimalist design that features an image filter option. 


For those who yearn for easy hassle-free blog creation, then Ultra comes in handy. Its pre-loaded ready to use website templates are designed to serve all manner of blogs. In fact, its pre-loaded skins and websites favor travel blogs as it allows you to input a pricing table for your clients, contact information, Google Maps among other features. 

The drag and drop builder allows an easy blog to set up and editing of content. This theme is also highly customizable, so it is also very useful for people who like to make blogs about basketball odds or other sports. 

It also appeals to those who wish to set up their own versions without using the pre-loaded pages, they can ignore the theme’s pre-set websites and create their own layouts using the themes option.


As the common saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Consequently, how a website or blog presents itself says a lot about the entity behind it. 

Choosing a theme that aligns with your business’ core function is therefore key. Coupled with a bit of creativity, the right theme does wonders for your brand’s visibility and should never be overlooked. 

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