How to Protect Online Privacy If You Have Nothing to Hide?

If you could start online life again, would you change your behavior? Would you broadcast private issues on Facebook and Instagram, or indicate the billing info when shopping? In this article, you will know how to burn down digital footprints and start from scratch! 

The issue is inter connectivity enables the strong potential for identity theft. Even if you are not a criminal or an FBI agent, we all have things to hide, and we should better hide! For instance, data brokers can assume how much money you make, what medical issues interest you, and predict your plans. Poor online privacy endangers your physical security or at least make you a victim of the Big Brother. While the majority of people choose convenience over security, we provide you with a breakthrough and handy solution for web privacy. 

Utopia p2p network is an encrypted ecosystem containing the daily kit for communication, business, and shopping. This article aims to uncover its all-in-one tools set and share 5 tips to enhance web security. 

Utopia – a sound tool to protect online privacy

Utopia is a forward-looking self-enclosed ecosystem that has uMessenger, uMail, uWallet, Idyll Browser, and Mining Bot in-build. Namely, it secures all possible online activities. Let’s clarify what the selling point is? 

  • Sophisticated encryption. The high privacy level is guaranteed owing to swift elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. All actions are encrypted end-to-end and are viewable strictly for a sender and receiver. 
  • Decentralization. Utopia doesn’t have a central server so that sided parties won’t reach the sensitive data. The elimination of the data warehouse proves that digital patterns are not sold for marketing goals. Your files and messages won’t be compromised! 
  • Full anonymity. You don’t mention the phone number, email when proceeding with the registration. Utopia doesn’t track your IP, location, payment information, and any private data. Users are recognized by a set of digits which is used for all operations. 
  • Bonuses. Along with functionality and sound security, Utopia pays users for being online. Learn how to get rewarded below. 

 The listed privacy principles are integrated into all Utopia instruments. What does the daily arsenal include? 

uMessenger. This is an instant messenger for daily communications and working environment. Contrasting to the popular apps like Telegram and Signal, uMessenger encrypts groups chats by default regardless of the number of members. 

Daily chats are getting engaging and funny due to in-built stickers and games. Business chats prove confidentiality so that you can talk about plans, accountancy, and share reports. Manage a blog to share unbiased news on any issue by starting a read-only channel. 

Secure file sharing is available for all widely-used extensions, making Utopia secure cloud storage. 

uMail. The integrated email service is designed to share encrypted emails and files. Bear in mind, that you can only email to Utopia members; that’s how privacy is maintained. 

Hybrid Mode is a unique feature you need to switch on to organize chats, wallet, emails, contact list on one desktop. This tool incredibly fast-tracks personal and working communication! 

Idyll browser. Idyll is a safe way to view Utopia’s internal pages; this browser never handles metadata since it’s encrypted and decentralized. Moreover, it proves the high speed of page loads! Users have all means to create websites that will be hosted on Utopia. The process is clear-cut and quick.

uWallet is the integrated financial crypto center that guarantees straightforward domestic transactions. Firstly, you can issue a crypto card with customized design. Secondly, you can transfer coins to Utopia members and shop in crypto. Finally, the merchant interface entered the world so that users are free to commit sales. 

CRPs are domestic tokens that were issued for transactions on Utopia, and you can get them for free. But how? 

Mining bot is the extension you need to run to get money. You will get coins for every minute you contribute to the network paths expansion. There are no limits on how much coins you can get – to receive more run the Bot from different devices. Stay online and stay safe! 

We hope you are intrigued by the rainbow of options Utopia offers for online privacy. Download the desktop version for free while the Utopia mobile is coming! 

5 tips on how to protect online privacy

Save these rules as a blueprint to follow:

1. Keep your passwords safe. Passwords open the doors to our online and real lives. Generate a comprehensive set of at least eight characters to avoid cyber criminality. Moreover, don’t use the same passcode across different sites. Never store private keys and passwords on your device regardless of the convenience! 

2. Be mindful of privacy settings. Numerous apps have legal access to your texts, camera roll, some even record your phone calls! We advise you to decline the location sharing, access to a camera when adjusting privacy settings. Encrypted services like Utopia exclude the usage of your device and private file. 

3. Be conscious of metadata. Every piece of information you post or broadcast online is available forever. Even after you delete your account or post, the digital traces are accessible for third-parties. To eliminate this issue and start afresh online pay in crypto, use encrypted messengers, and quit social media. Utopia ecosystem is a convenient option combining it all. 

4. Mind to switch off Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology is remarkable though it causes security breaches oftentimes. Assure you turn it off while you are not using it. Bear in mind that fraudulent apps can enable Bluetooth without your permission. We advise you to use encrypted services when transferring sensitive data on the Internet. 

5. Secure the Wi-Fi you use. Ensure the network you use at home or in the workplace is safe. Change the default username and password on the router and on any device that is connecting. The best way is to encrypt the transmitting data and serf via WPA or protected access. Using firewalls decreases the potential of data leakage. 

To sum up the answer to the question how to protect online privacy I can tell you the following: the encrypted ecosystem for everyday life in combination with these tips is an effective yet easy approach to web safety. While being on the Beta stage, Utopia has attracted privacy-conscious users in a short time. Install Utopia and enjoy the freedom of speech on the Internet!

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