How to Bet on NFL Games Right From Your Phone

NFL season is in full swing, which means you’re leaving money on the table if you haven’t gotten into football betting. It has never been easier to bet sports on your mobile device than it is today. Now, instead of having to get up and find your way to your nearest casino, you can place bets on NFL games right from the comfort of your own couch. Honestly, you have no excuse not to get started right away. 

There have been countless technological advancements in recent years that have made it easy for bettors to make money without having to leave the house. As long as you have a functioning smartphone with a decent internet connection and access to the best apps, you can bet on the NFL. 

Here’s how to bet on the NFL right from your mobile device.

Download and Sign Up

Just about every reputable sports betting site on the planet these days offers a corresponding mobile app. So, all you have to do is find your phone or tablet’s applications store and download said app right to your mobile device. Once the app has downloaded, you will be prompted to sign into your existing account or sign up for the site inside the app. If you haven’t yet signed up, doing so is incredibly easy. All you have to do is enter some personal information (name, email address, etc.) and you’ll be good to go. 

Mobile Betting Options

Once you have signed up, you can find the NFL betting tab and find all football betting options right at your fingertips. US sport betting apps offer the same betting options you’ll find on your standard desktop site. You can bet on the spread, moneyline or over/under, while most apps also offer additional options. 

Live in-game betting has become an incredibly popular way to bet on the NFL and doing so via mobile device can give you an edge over those that place bets at traditional sportsbooks. Odds are constantly fluctuating based on what happens during a live game. Oddsmakers are forced to react quickly to changes in game flow, but they aren’t perfect. So, if you have your mobile device handy, there is a chance for you to jump on advantageous odds before oddsmakers are able to adjust. 

You can also wager on props and futures bets via mobile device the same way you can from your desktop or laptop computer. Mobile apps have been optimized for ease of use. While it may be a nuisance to be constantly switching pages rather than having everything streamlined on a standard website, being able to bet from anywhere on your phone is a level of convenience that’s tough to beat. 

Don’t Ignore Bonuses

Sportsbooks design their sites with the goal of keeping existing customers happy while attracting new ones all the time. One way they accomplish both goals is by constantly offering new types of bonuses to new and existing players. Just about every reputable NFL betting site will offer a welcome or sign-up bonus to new players. The sites will typically match your first deposit on the site up to a certain percentage. That extra money can then be used to bet on the site. You can’t withdraw the bonus money, but you can withdraw your winnings if your bets are successful.

Sites will also offer bonuses for special events like the Super Bowl. Existing players can be tempted to re-deposit into their accounts with reload bonuses, which can help inflate their bankroll. Making good use of bonuses is a great way to enhance your NFL betting experience, even if you’re betting via a mobile devices.

NFL Betting Types

Oddsmakers set the point spread as a way of keeping both teams in a given game appealing from a betting perspective. Because very few NFL teams are truly evenly-matched from a talent perspective, you don’t necessarily have to bet on a team’s chances of winning or losing a game outright. The point spread is a way of effectively leveling the playing field and making both teams viable betting options. Spread bets are the most popular types of NFL wagers.

If you would rather just take a chance on a team winning a game straight-up, then the moneyline is your best option. Most games will have a “favorite” listed at minus-odds and an “underdog” with plus-odds. Betting on the favorite will offer a lower payout while betting on the underdog offers more profit potential. Favorites tend to win games more often than not, but nailing the occasional upset is a good way to turn a profit when it comes to betting on football.

Another popular way to bet on the NFL is by betting on over/under totals. Oddsmakers will give each game a different number with the total number of points they believe the teams will combine to score in a given game. Implied totals between 55 and 60 points are on the high end, while games that are expected to be low-scoring may see a total between 40 and 45 points. 


Betting on the NFL has never been more convenient than it is today. There are countless options out there when it comes to finding the best betting app, so taking the time to do a little research before committing to one is probably a smart strategy. The most reputable sites in the industry also offer the most competitive NFL betting odds. If you’re interested in betting on pro football, you have no reason not to get started as soon as possible!

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