Cameras for Commercial Vehicles – Choosing the Best

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Fleet management is all about applying the right strategies that will work to improve your services and cut down costs. As technology advances, the use of cameras to monitor fleet vehicles has now become a trend. Today, the managers do not have to wait for the drivers to come back so that they can review the footage. Instead, they can do live monitoring from a remote location through the use of an IP dashboard and cabin cameras. The rearview cameras are also crucial in fleet vehicles to help drivers to observe safety while parking and even driving.

But this means one thing: buying the best cameras that will be connected to the internet and also have GPS capability. So, if you are headed to the market to buy these cameras, there is a lot that you need to know. We have some invaluable tips to observe to get the best deal.

Technology Involved

A good fleet camera is all about having the latest technology. Whether you are looking for a dashcam or rear-view camera, the latest models have some excellent technologies integrated into them.

For now, let us look into the latest technologies that are involved in dashcams and cabin vehicles, which are crucial for commercial vehicles.

·        GPS and internet integration – To access the footage in real-time and find out the exact location it was recorded, these two features will be requirements in your choice of cameras. It is the only way you will have full control of the vehicles when they are out working. They are also used to monitor driver behavior, which can prevent many accidents and wastage of working time.

·        Smart passenger counting – These cameras are installed in commercial vehicles like buses and cabs to count the number of passengers boarding and alighting the vehicle. If you are interested in integrating this feature, which is important anyway, you need such a camera. The good news is that Eyeride experts will guide you on how to choose the best and have them installed in your vehicle.

Recording Resolution

This is another feature that you need to check out. We have passed the days when recordings were blurry. Thus, you should not settle on anything that is below FHD recording. Other features that are embedded in this include real-time focus, stabilizers, and motion sensors. They all ensure that you get the best footage to allow better management of your commercial fleet vehicles.

Storage Space

Even though the latest vehicle cameras transmit the footage in real-time, thinking about storage space is important. Choose the highest possible internal memory and also consider those with storage expanding slots. FHD, UHD, and 4K recording take a lot of space, so it is important to consider this.

The Size of the Cameras

Commercial vehicle cameras should be as minimalistic as possible as long as this does not compromise on other features. The idea is to avoid taking up a lot of space on the dashboard or any other place where they are installed. Luckily, innovators are now focusing on minimalistic yet powerful vehicle cameras. Go for these and you will not regret it.

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