Best Edtech Usage Examples

The education sector has adopted technology to make teaching easy for teachers and learning more productive for students. Each day witnesses new technology inventions targeting the education sector. If you are searching for the best paper writing services, hire experts who will meet your expectations. 

Some education technology inventions have been successful in transforming the learning environment. Here is a look at some of the most successful EdTech inventions of 2019 and the impact they have had on education. 


This is a platform that is using the same idea that Facebook has been using for more than a decade. Lore allows teachers, students, and professionals in the industry to create accounts or profiles, invite peers and friends, as well as follow persons of interest in the education sector. It can be regarded as a platform that is using the ideas already tested to change interactions in the education sector. 

The website avoids spamming by ensuring that only education issues are discussed. A student can ask a question that will be answered either by the teachers or peers. The website is attractive because it offers exclusive interactions on education issues. 

Chrome Book

This is a tablet that comes loaded with all the books and learning materials you may imagine. While people can download the materials online on phones and other computer devices, the Chrome Book is providing exclusive learning materials for teachers, students, and parents. The developers are engaging publishers and authors so that learners have easier and guaranteed access to learning materials.

Chrome Book comes with several advantages, including the fact that it is cheaper. This allows buyers to opt for the gadget and avail it for usage by each child or student in a household. A student does not need a new gadget each year. It also reduces the load that a student carries to and from school. It comes with restrictions and settings that allow a parent or teacher to determine the content a student accesses. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is the buzz words in the world of technology today. It has spread its tentacles into the education sector. The use of artificial intelligence in education is picking up pace with the development of numerous apps and software. Some of the uses include automated tutoring, smart content that is compressed for the purpose of revision, and a virtual facilitator or a virtual learning environment.

This AI technology is simplifying learning and assisting the teacher in delivering content. Artificial intelligent tests also provide the teacher with insights into the areas of weakness and difficulty for a pupil. A teacher can focus on these areas to assist the student in his or her academic pursuit. A pioneer in the AI sector is Content Technologies Inc. that is developing groundbreaking solutions for students, teachers, and education institutions. 

New technology is entering the education sector on a daily basis. Some of the technology is completely new, while other inventions are improvements. The technology ranges from gadgets to software and online platforms targeting teachers, students, and other education stakeholders. 

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