Embracing the World of Upgrades

In the fast-paced industry of technology, it seems that things are always changing. A new update icon seems to pop up on a screen every other day, and it is hard to stay ahead of the curve. Many individuals are frustrated with the continual push to purchase a new phone or tablet, yet they are excited about the high-quality changes that come with advanced media or entertainment system upgrades. Even though it can be frustrating to barely have time to adjust to a new feature before another roll out appears, upgrades and changes have a positive effect on many industries. The benefits of technology extend beyond cell phone or computer applications.

Make Some Cash With Old Tech

Your wallet can get hit hard if you are always upgrading or purchasing the latest models of software, devices, or even machinery. Fortunately, there are ways to turn your old tech into some quick cash. With the ecoATM company, you are paid for recycling your old cell phone or tablet. The goal of the company was to reduce waste and make tech more accessible by reducing purchase costs, but an added benefit of the ecoATM business model is that you earn real money for your useless items. Before you simply head to the mall for your next big purchase, grab your old mobile device and find out how much it is worth. By recycling your device, you save someone else money on their purchase while making a few dollars to help with your own.

Upgrading Preserves Functionality

Unfortunately, as much as you might love your device and everything it can do for you, there will come a time when it is no longer supported by the manufacturer. This can range from televisions to computers to phones and even e-readers. The intention is not to frustrate owners by making parts and repairs obsolete, but as materials, repair equipment, and software become more efficient, it makes financial sense to invest in the items that are most current. The memory and design of your device will only support a limited number of updates before the internal hardware can’t handle the load. Besides, the new device might be able to complete the task or function more efficiently.

Upgrading Extends the Life of Usage

When you think of the life of a product, consider the value and the estimated time you intend to keep the item. As seen with older iPhone models, after a few years of use, the internal battery began to wear down. The shortened life cycle of the phone had some owners frustrated because of low battery notifications and what seemed like never-ending charging cycles. Overall, the battle to make an old device work can actually be more of a headache to you. Some systems, such as early Kindle readers can no longer connect to wireless internet signals. While the device itself may still work, the owner is limited to the books that have already been downloaded. These little areas weaken the value of the device, but the internal components also suffer.

Extensions Beyond Personal Devices

Even if you decide that an upgrade is not for you, consider the benefits of improving technology in other industries and fields. Think of the advancement in robotics and artificial intelligence that are helping disabled or challenged individuals regain mobility or develop their life skills. Software and apps that help consumers with daily tasks like shopping, monitoring their home security, receive messages from teachers, and even video conference a doctor have had a major impact on improving our quality of life.

Whether or not you choose to embrace the world of technology and the demands for upgrades in your own practices and for your own devices, the importance of development and change can’t be denied. While it might be unsettling and at times expensive, the purpose of new things is to improve upon the old, therefore making the world a more exciting and innovative place to live.

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