Which Healing Class Should You Pick in Classic WoW?

If you enjoy playing a healer, then you’re probably wondering which healing class is the best in Classic WoW. If you want to play a healer in Classic WoW you can choose from Druid, Priest, Shaman, and Paladin, and each of these classes has something to offer a raid, but some classes are more popular than others. Below we will break down each healing class and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. 


Priests are very versatile healers who have fast healing spells, powerful healing spells, a shield to absorb damage, and area-of-effect healing spells. For this reason, Priests are considered essential healers in WoW Classic and most raiding guilds will have multiple priest spots. This means if you play a priest, you can be pretty confident that you can find a raid spot since all raid groups will want several priests. 

Priests are very strong at single-target healing and are often picked to be tank healers. Priests have a large bank of healing spells which can make them very fun to play but can also make them harder to play, especially for inexperienced players. This issue is also exacerbated because Priest healers will be downranking many of their spells. Downranking is when you use a lower level and less powerful version of a spell because it’s more Mana efficient than using the more powerful alternative. 


Druids have an ability called Faerie Fire which decreases the armor of the target by 505 for 40 seconds. This ability is very powerful in raid scenarios since it helps deal out a large amount of damage to a target in a reduced timeframe. Innervate is another Druid ability that is valued in raiding. Innervate increases the target’s Mana regeneration by 400% and allows 100% of the target’s mana regeneration to continue while casting. Druids also have an in-combat battle resurrection spell which can be useful but has a relatively long cooldown of 30 minutes. 

A downside to Druids is that they don’t have a dedicated area-of-effect healing ability which means they will spend more time jumping from target to target and healing than some of the other healing classes might. Hardcore raiding guilds will reserve spots for Druids, but they will likely only need one to two Druids, which means the competition is going to be high. Druids are also not considered the best healers because they rarely top the healing rankings. However, Druids are one of the fastest classes at leveling and generally a very fun and versatile class to play so if you have your heart set on playing a Druid healer, then don’t be put off. 


Paladins are only available to play on Alliance as Humans or Dwarves, and not available for Horde. If you haven’t played a healer before or haven’t played one in a long time but want to roll one in Classic WoW after you buy some cheap gold in Classic, then Paladin is the way to go. Paladins are generally considered to be the easiest healing class to play, but they are also one of the strongest healing classes. Raiding guilds will look for Paladins to add to their roster because Paladins have useful abilities such as Greater Blessing of Salvation.


Shamans are a Classic WoW Horde only class, and you can choose from Troll, Tauren, or Orc as your race. Shamans are known for their totems, and also their area-of-effect healing spells since they dominate in this area. Generally, Shamans are considered an essential healing class on the Horde side and there will always be room for Shamans in raid groups. 

Finding Raid Spots

Finding a spot in a good raiding guild can be competitive for all classes, but particularly for healers and tanks because there is a limited number of spots reserved for these roles. It becomes even more competitive when specific classes are wanted over others. For this reason, you should aim to gear up as fast as possible to put you in the best position to start raiding. You can do this by farming for gear yourself in high-level dungeons or crafting gear. Alternatively, you can build up a stash of gold which you can use to buy the best gear or formulas for the best gear. Some players will farm for WOWC gold themselves and otherwise will choose to buy WoW Classic Gold. 

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