6 Things to Do Online When You’re Bored

Have some extra time to kill? A lot of us go online and scroll when we’re idle, and this can make the time go by faster. But do you ever feel guilty about how unproductive this time spent was? There are actually plenty of ways to kill time online without feeling like it was a waste. Here are six things to accomplish online when you have little else to do.

1. Raise the stakes.

What about an online casino? If you’re a gamer and a risk taker, why not make a little money online? As long as you’re choosy about the site you play on, you have an opportunity to profit off of your boredom. Take time to learn the rules, set a limit on what you’re willing to bet, and you just might log off with a little extra cash.

2. Window shop with a wish list.

Shopping online when you’re bored can lead to debt, an empty account, and buyer’s remorse. But it can be somewhat gratifying to make a wish list while window shopping online. Take an hour or two to build your ultimate wishlist at your favorite store’s site – your birthday or a holiday will be coming up eventually, right?

3. Learn a new language.

The number of educational tools available free or cheap online means there’s nothing we can’t learn at least a little bit about. Why not become more cultured by starting or brushing up on a foreign language? Choose a good program, and you’ll be surprised at how long some key phrases and words stick with you.

4. Research one topic.

The internet can make you an expert on certain topics. Select one specific subject you’re interested in, and study everything you can about it online. For instance, if you love gardening, pick one flower. Read at least ten quality pieces on the origin, care, and properties of this flower, taking notes along the way.

5. Start a blog.

Researching a topic you’re interested in leaves you with plenty of knowledge that you may not be sure how to use. How about starting a blog? Choose a niche for your blog, and start posting 300+ words a few times a week. This will only take a few hours, and over time, you could gain an audience that makes your blog much more than just an exercise in boredom.

6. Discover a new podcast.

There are those of us that don’t mind spending our free time learning something new, but get turned off by so much reading. Podcasts are perfect for this, and there are probably dozens available focused on your topic of interest. Make it a point to choose one with plenty of available episodes and decent production quality, and you may find yourself hooked in no time.

In the end, boredom is a gift. Research confirms that being bored can help us reach peak creativity. Are you taking proper advantage of your boredom? If you spend it online, you have the chance to make a extra money, learn a new language, become an expert on a specific subject, and much more.

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