Upgrade Your Dealership Website for Family Day Sales

No matter what the holiday, there’s always a boost in sales when the time comes to mark an important occasion. Family Day might not be known as the most important shopping day of the year, but there probably isn’t another day of the year when more moms and dads pile their kids into the family vehicle and hit the road for either a vacation or a momentous outing.

Of course, this means that they’ll require a family vehicle in great working order. It will hardly suit a holiday dedicated to celebrating the family if their mode of transportation is no longer comfortable, is shamefully run-down, or if it breaks down somewhere along their family trip! The bottom line is that if a family needs a new vehicle, they’ll want to own it before family day arrives.

These days, the first place that the majority of shoppers tend to look when purchasing any large item is the internet – in fact, it has been found that 81% of all shoppers conduct research online before making a purchase. As an auto dealership, you want your own web presence to do more than to promote your latest deals.

When shoppers go to your website to search, you’ll want to have professional software ready for them to interact with online operators in an effective and satisfying way; otherwise, those shoppers may leave to find your competition, who lie only a quick click away.

When you upgrade your dealership website to offer the latest software transforming the car buying experience like a one-on-one chat service, then you’ll be able to keep customers invested in your dealership. You’ll also be able to generate excellent leads for your sales team while helping to direct the customer to a deal that will best suit their needs.

Live online chat is one of the best services available for this purpose. With live chat, the consumer can hold an entire conversation with a professional operator about the vehicles they’re interested in – and they can access this service 24 hours-a-day. When members of your sales team are available, they can jump into the conversation with more details, on the spot special offers, and even incorporate photos and video into their sales pitches.

In addition to online chat, you can connect with customers via messaging with software built exclusively to link to iPhones and iPads. Messaging services are especially useful for keeping in touch with customers by the minute in order to build a deal or close a sale. With text messaging services, you can bring your dealership into a digital world that today’s auto customers are familiar with and have come to expect.

Family Day is a great reason to upgrade the online services you offer, but the truth is that if you’re not offering your customers a top-of-the line digital sales experience then you’re already losing out on business. Get in touch with a professional online marketing services company that specializes in auto dealerships today to attract more customers and boost sales.

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