Right on Time: Top 7 Apps for Clocking in and out of Work

Time is one of the greatest resources that organizations greatly value. Proper utilization of time by employees ensures optimal productivity. Traditionally, organizations and companies have been using punch cards as a way of recording the time when employees report and leave the workplace. Inefficiencies and loopholes in the traditional punch card system have led to the development of modern workload management software which electronically manages to clock in and out of work. Several of such software has already been released into the market, each having different capabilities and functionalities. Here are the top 7 apps popularly used in workplaces for clocking in and out of work.

Time clock wizard

The Time Clock Wizard is one of the most popular, easy-to-use, and accurate online employee time management systems in the world today. The software has been developed and equipped with various functionalities including the ability to control when, where, and how employees clock in. Supervisors and managers can also edit the clock in and clock out times. The system is also customizable to give managers the ability to receive real-time notifications via either text or email whenever employees clock in and out of workplaces on certain unexpected times of the day.

The easy-to-use interface also makes employee scheduling directly possible with managers having the capacity of creating daily, weekly, and monthly schedules for their employees. The interface supports both managers and employees with different functionalities equipped on each platform. The employees can request shift changes which can be accepted or edited at the touch of a button by the managers.

Also, managers can schedule paid time-offs and vacations for employees. Additional notable features on the Time Clock Wizard include the ability to generate payroll reports, timesheet reports, schedule reports, among other types of employee management reports that any organization can require. Available over the internet as a freemium, you can view here more details on the program’s capabilities and features.

Open Time Clock

Open Time Clock is a free web-based time management system that supports various functionalities including employees’ ability to check in and check out of their workplaces. Among other notable features that Open Time Clock offers includes unlimited employees with each having the ability to create their own account for personalized services. The program also supports time tracking, shift tracking, and GPS tracking of employees in the company. The platform also allows managers to automatically compute payroll calculations based on the automated timestamps that employees dedicated to the organization. Upon payment and upgrading, the software supports additional functionalities including web cameras and access to a mobile platform.

Time Clock MTS

Time Clock MTS is an installable software that runs on any computer. Designed for Windows computers, the program allows time tracking and management of up to three employees free of charge. Additional functionality can, however, be secured by purchasing an appropriate license. Among the standard features of the Time Clock MTS include the ability of employees to take webcam images on the time they clock in and out of the workplace. This functionality makes the software quite resourceful in preventing malicious irregularities of employees signing on behalf of others. Additional functionalities of the software include the ability of managers to request and process various reports, fingerprinting, and photo identification.


TimeTrex is an open source software system that allows time tracking with no limit on the number of employees who can access the program. Running on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, the program has features including scheduling of employees, time attendance tracking, payroll management, tax benefits, and calculations among others. The program, however, does not support invoicing and expense tracking.


Workly is another high-tech time clock management program suitable for manufacturing businesses that allow employees to sign in and out of their workplaces biometrically. The program is also flexible as it allows employees to create and manage their schedules as well as being allocated other schedules by their bosses. Workly greatly integrates other payroll systems and is particularly easy to set up and run even as it supports mobile applications. The program allows employees to visualize operations within the business while making it easy for them to generate various reports of particular importance to their schedules


Ximble is suitable for businesses with a large employee base and multiple branches in different locations. The program helps employees and managers to manage their schedules well while recording details relating to checking in and out of their workplaces. The easy-to-use program allows scheduling by using drag-and-drop tools. To enhance accuracy and minimize prospects of fraud in the workplace, the program allows the use of facial recognition whenever employees are checking in and out of the company.

Besides, employees have the option of chatting with other employees and their bosses in real time using an integrated Ximble Chat. The managers and the human resource departments can also integrate paid time-off and vacation leaves which can be integrated within the program’s payroll system. Additionally, Ximble allows integration with various other notable products such as point-of-sale systems, human resource management systems, and payroll programs; thereby enhancing its functionality and relevance to the modern-day workplace.


The last essential application that allows managers to track their employees’ clocking in and out of the workplace is Deputy. Deputy is an integrated client, employee, and managers software system that has time-tracking features giving small businesses an opportunity to resourcefully utilize their time and workforce. The program has integrated facial recognition features, a mechanism suitable for eliminating instances of employees signing in on behalf of others.

Other integrated features considered standard in the program includes configurable reporting platform with appropriate analytics and the ability of managers to incorporate leave management. Deputy also allows users to integrate other necessary software including point-of-sale systems, human resource systems, and customer relationship management programs.

In conclusion, computer software and mobile applications have been developed targeting making it easy for employees to clock in and out of their workplaces. These programs and software have different capabilities; the standard of which include scheduling of employees workplace obligations, time management, payroll management, and proper reporting where necessary.


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