Is Laptop Insurance a Worthwhile Policy to Invest In?

Whether you’ve just bought a new laptop that’s quickly become your pride and joy, or you’re thinking about doing something out of the ordinary with your existing laptop, the thought of getting insurance to protect it may have crossed your mind.

However, this is something many people are on the fence about. If you take out a policy and never use it, you’ll have simply chucked the money down the drain. Some policies will cover you for certain things, like accidental damage, and some will not, so at the end of the day, is laptop insurance, like that provided by Consumer Priority Service, worth it?

Today, we find out.

Your Personal Circumstances

The first thing you’ll want to do is to think about yourself and your personal situation, as well as your history with your laptop. For example, do you keep it at home in the same place where it never moves, or do you take it out and about with you wherever you go?

If you fit the latter category, you need to be aware you’re dramatically increasing the risk of an accident taking place. This could include anything, such as;

  • Loss or misplaced
  • Theft
  • Breakdowns

Even if you’re keeping your laptop at home in the same place on the same desk, is it at risk of having a cup of coffee spilt over it, a child pulling it off onto the floor or a cracked screen from something falling off the shelf.

Everybody is different, so access the life you live and the level of danger your laptop could be in.

Consider Your Laptop Habits

While external factors are a huge part of what could damage a laptop, you are also responsible for things that could go wrong. For example, if you’re browsing the internet and downloading files carelessly and without internet protection or anti-virus software, you’re seriously putting the integrity of your laptop at risk.

What’s more, consider how you’re using your laptop. Are you using it to watch films or browse social media, or are you using your laptop to run your business? Now imagine all the contents on your laptop vanished, or it stopped working completely; how vitally would you need a replacement laptop?

Now ask yourself whether you could afford to go and outright buy another laptop, or whether you’d need to apply for credit or a loan. How would you cope with the loss of all the data on your laptop and, in essence, starting from scratch?

The Choice is Yours

Asking yourself the questions above, you should be able to figure out whether laptop insurance is relevant to you, or not. If you’re using a dated laptop that you use for menial tasks, it might not be worth getting insurance and might not be worth the pay-out.

However, if you’re using a top-of-the-line laptop which has everything you do in your life on it, and you use it for important tasks where you’ll want to protect the data and hardware, and have it covered in case you need it replaced instantly, then laptop insurance is essential.

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