An Authentic Experience: 10 Compelling Reasons Why Live Casinos Are so Attractive to Gamers

With the growth and pull of the internet, businesses are quickly moving to the virtual online space. The dynamic gaming world is not to be left behind, with live online casinos quickly gaining sweeping popularity over land casinos. Here are ten reasons why live online casinos are becoming increasingly attractive to gamers.

1. Fairplay

All live online casinos are under by the same gambling Commission regulations as the land-based casinos. As long as you pick licensed live casinos, you are assured of a fair, above board game according to industry standards. No underhandedness and no tricks.

2. Increased Engagement

It’s easy to get jaded with a game when you have a computer dealing as opposed to a person. As simple and as convenient as online gaming is, the computer dealt games have a less exciting, robotic feel to it. This is far less entertaining and makes it so much easier to lose focus in a game.

This makes the live casinos more attractive and sought after option for gamers worldwide. You get to watch and engage with a dealer as you would in a land casino, only at a convenient location of your choice. Nothing beats that.

3. Interpersonal Connections

While most people go out to casinos for fun and to socialise, this is an aspect that was a bit limited with online gaming. Not anymore. Online casinos are again making it possible not only to watch your dealer at work but to chat and interact with other players as well. The onscreen chat rooms that facilitate real-time socialization possible from the comfort of your home is just what the online casino needed.

4. Convenience

Convenience is a top reason why live gaming is so attractive to gamers. With most people having internet enabled gadgets like laptops, tablets and mobile phones, it makes it convenient to play your favourite game virtually anywhere; at home, in the office, at a restaurant over lunch and even in transit.

5. Free Casino Games

Some online casinos allow their clients to enjoy some free play versions of their games. This risk-free option offers gamers the chance to see how well or how poor they are at the games, before playing with real money. It also allows gamers to try new games they are not necessarily comfortable waging on.

This is not an option available at casino establishments. This is because they have a limited number of tables and cannot allow non-cash customers to take up slots that could be utilised by money waging customers. The virtual gaming space allows for an infinite number of players making it possible to accommodate people to play for free.

6. Money Deposit Options

While land-based casinos only accept limited payment options for players to purchase chips (mostly cash), with an online casino, a major benefit is the array of payment methods. This allows players to choose a secure option that is most convenient for them.
Some of the popular options include:

Credit and debit cards.
Phone payments

For anonymity, however, there is an option to purchase an e-voucher from a store using cash. You then use this voucher to make online payments, with the same anonymity and security as you would enjoy with cash payments in a physical casino.

7. Enjoy Global Gambling

There are only so many establishments you can go to in a month or even a year, while still maintaining a personal and work-life balance. However, online gaming allows you access to the best casinos in the world without getting in your car, let alone getting to the airport.

It does not end there. It also gives you the unique opportunity to compete against players from anywhere in the world. Some games allow you to set up gambling sessions with friends, such that you play with a friend in the US or a relative in Australia without leaving the UK. This would be quite impossible with land casinos.
This international facet allows gamers to enjoy varied, rich gambling experiences, understand different techniques and versions of games they would otherwise not be exposed to. The ability to make international friends is a neat perk.

8. It Saves Money

Let’s face it, a night of gambling ends up being a production all in itself. You have to find a location and fuel your car to get there- and then pay for parking. The ladies would require to dress up and a full face of make-up to go with the glamour of casino night. Dinner and drinks have to be budgeted for as well.

Further, whatever you win, more so if you win big, you have an additional concern: how to get the money home safe. Not so with online gaming. For those that fancy a hustle-free game night, you can play in bed, with no grooming and your winnings go into your online account where you can transact and transfer to a convenient account, again at your convenience.

9. Flexible Stakes

Most land casinos have set minimum limits that you can stake. This is fair considering that as an establishment, they have overheads to pay and the amounts gamers spend there have to make economic sense.

Online gaming is much more flexible. You can stake as high or as low as is suitable for you. This means you can start low and keep upping your stake as you get more confident. All this, without the pit manager looking over your shoulder, or feeling the pressure to compete with the high rollers on the floor.

10. Huge Game Selections

Land casinos offer an array of games. However, online casinos offer a wider selection. Most online casinos will have hundreds of games, plus different versions of games like blackjack, keno, poker and roulette.

Better still, you do not have to go to a casino to see and settle for what’s on offer. With hundreds of games just a click away, it’s almost impossible to get bored or fail to find a game to get your gambling juices flowing.

Online gaming is about one thing: the gamer. It allows you hundreds of game selections to play at your convenient time and location and gives you the option to socialise real time or to keep to yourself. You personalise your gaming experience to exactly what your fantasy game night looks like, set a wager, and enjoy.

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