Social Media Censorship

Social media has more influence than any of the political leaders in the world. A very powerful instrument can be used to build great things just as it can be used to break down barriers as well as another individual. Therefore the question stand, should social media censored or should people be allowed to state their views in peace?

Yes, Social Media Should be Censored

Many people believe that social media should be censored. This is because of the hate speech that comes with social media. Despite the fact that all the platforms were created as a means to be free, many people tend to abuse them. These are the same people who give best casinos online a bad name. There have been several cases of cyber abuses and the bulk of them coming from social media. That is why some believe that social media platforms should be censored.

People also believe that social media is insightful. This can work in a good and a bad way. Those who want to rebel can use social media platforms as a place to start a lot of commotion. This can have a negative and positive effect, all depending on the cause of the rebel of use.

No, it should not be censored

There is also an outcry on the censorship of social media being a place where people can be free. They believe that since all the other platforms are under some form of censorship, social media is the only place where they can be themselves. That way giving people the freedom that they deserve. But businesses such as online sports betting or gambling, are safe because most sites specify that they are a gambling company.

Also in that regard, just like a child, if you tell someone not to do something they will go ahead and do it. It’s just how the mind works. Therefore, those who state that social media should be censored say that if they censor it, people will find another way to voice their opinion. Which may be worse than it was before.

Hence, whether social media should be censored or not, is all a matter of opinion.

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