Must-Have Features of a Successful Food App

Food and drink apps have changed the way the restaurant industry works. From discovery to delivery, people turn to their smartphones before they make any dining decision. Whether they’re at home, out on the town, or in another country, diners want to know more about their options and are relying on photos, videos, reviews, and the rich experiences provided by top quality food apps.

Food and restaurant app usage is up 70% among self-declared “foodies” since 2014. The core audience for food apps is using more apps more often. There’s a wide range of uses within the sector too, including:

  • Food Delivery, one of the most competitive sectors dominated by major players like Uber Eats.
  • Food Discovery, a great area for niche apps targeting foodies, travelers, and those who love to explore.
  • Booking & Reservations, another area where niche appeal is key for new entries.
  • Ratings & Reviews, where new takes that differentiate from Yelp are changing the way diners can interact with their favorite restaurants.
  • Discounts & Deals for budget-conscious diners.
  • Pick Up, which has caught the attention of major QSR players with the success of the Starbucks App. The most successful pick up apps also use loyalty programs to reward users.

When you’re looking for mobile app developers to design a food app, always take a look at a company’s past portfolio. What kind of businesses have they successfully worked on in the past? Do they specialize in your industry? Are they building successful apps in the already-crowded restaurant sector?

For example, Toronto-based app developers Guaraná Technologies have developed apps for a wide range of industries, including dating apps, medical industry apps, photo and video apps like Dropcicle, and travel apps. They also have a large number of food-related apps, including Numnu, a food event discovery app, Poutinr (for finding poutine near you), Picture This Menu, an app designed to show you photos of their actual dishes alongside reviews, and many others. Take a closer look at app developer portfolios and visit Guaraná Technologies for more information about their capabilities and past clients.

Successful food apps don’t just deliver information, they deliver an experience. An intuitive UI with generous use of rich content like photos and videos, geolocation, and a unique perspective to reviews are what today’s foodies look for in a mobile app.

Restaurant-owners want to see the value as well. Does it help them with meal ordering or table booking? If you need restaurant participation, you need a value proposition for restaurants themselves. Restaurant participation can give your app access to rich features like 3D tours, interior photos, and easy menu access.

Ratings & Review apps need to find a way to constantly expand their audience and retain users. Loyalty programs for regular users and reviewers reward engagement. Gamification elements can also boost engagement and retain users.

Food and restaurant apps make up a huge share of all mobile apps. It’s a crowded sector and you need to work with talented partners to make your mark. Find the right iPhone and Android app developer to see your vision come to life.

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