Getting Your Money’s Worth: Are Expensive Headphones Really Worth Considering?


You have a headphone. Probably two or more.

Nowadays, when you buy a mobile device, you’ll find that it comes with a pair of earbuds. In fact, Apple sells theirs at $30. Because phones have become so common and that nearly everyone has one, the headphone business is booming, but why shouldn’t you go for affordable headphonesThere are different brands, colour, style, celeb endorsement. The difference is the price. But here comes the question, are expensive headphones really worth it?

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The thing is, when you try to show your customers something close to the original price, they’ll claim that there is no difference.

But that’s wrong. Totally wrong. To some extent, you must be able to hear some difference when you compare good headphones and bad ones. You may not care, but it’s entirely different.

Experts have studied this for a couple of years and interestingly, they have found the same answers; better audio is universal.

And here comes another good question, do you consider more expensive headphones to be better audios? Unfortunately, there is always no right answer.

Many headphones have been reviewed by different people, starting from experts all the ways to customers that have used them.

To some extent, the quality of sound is subjective. Harman has proven that. But people would still prefer flat and accurate as compared to coloured and inaccurate sound.

You know the problems with headphones is that you are part of the system. What may sound good to me might not sound good to you. Making sense?

Some people would prefer bass while other would love treble. Well, it’s their prerequisite. So, that means quality is not affected by the price in any way.

The simple secret is checking most people who have used the headphones so that you can determine or make your choice from those reviews.

If you have a custom shop where you can test different headphones before making the decision to buy, well, that’s a place worth considering.

When you consider price, you’ll get different features such as active noise cancelling. Noise cancelling is when your microphone cancels the ambient noise that disgusts.

Feel free to check what difference lies between noise cancelling vs noise isolating headphones.

Take note that as you even do your comparisons, noise cancelling may not be the same. Some headphones have excellent noise cancelling while others don’t. That’s the difference. Others do barely anything. In fact, they add noise instead.

If you’d prefer bluetooth or waterproof headphones, go for them. So, it’s not just about price. You need to compare different features that’s when you get the best quality.

Look for ways in which you can build quality that will trigger prices to shoot and it certainly does.

Some expensive headphones may interest you, but they have some serious disadvantages that will make you avoid them. So, some expensive headphones are excellent.

One mistake you should ever do is to believe marketing. They will never tell you the whole truth.


If you buy a smartphone, you’ll be given a pair of the earbud. That’s probably the worst. You don’t deserve such a bad sound.

All the same, you don’t have to spend a lot to get quality sound. There are affordable headphones out there that have the best quality.

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