The Technology of the Rich and Famous

One of the curious perspectives to look at technology from is regarding how rich and famous people use it. The latest technology usually requires a lot of money to institute right when it comes out, which is why rich and famous people typically have the first shot at it, especially when it is still in developmental stages.

There are several examples that you can think of to illustrate this point. Rich and famous people may have home elevators. They may have the latest models of luxury cars come out. They can utilize communication platforms that have powerful technological processing underneath the hood. And especially when it comes to sports stars, they have access to the latest medical technology to help with injuries and illnesses.

Home Elevators

For most of us, it’s hard to imagine living in a house where you need a home elevator. But for the rich and famous, it may be something that they are interested in. Companies with the latest elevator technology can go into mansions of various sorts and tell the owners what kind of benefits would come from having this possibility in their house. If you want to claim elite status, having an elevator going from your basement to the third floor of your mansion is certainly one way to do it.

The Latest Models of Car

Rich people will often get the first crack at the latest models of car that come out as well. And some spectacular vehicles are in their experimental stages right now. When you see people driving luxury vehicles, you know that they put out a lot of cash to get the full package of technology and design. It makes a lot of people envious, but at the same time, anything that has wheels and a motor will get you where you’re going on a practical level.

Communication Platforms

Improvements in technology often initially show themselves in communication platforms. So, rich and famous people will often buy the next generation of a cell phone or computer before anyone else. Some of these devices can cost many many thousands of dollars and have limited releases, which is why the statistically elite are the only ones to have an opportunity to create first impressions on the product.


Medical Technology

Then there is the example of medical technology. Sports stars are paid many millions of dollars. If they get hurt, the latest medical technology is used to make them better as quickly as possible. You hear about baseball players, football players, and basketball players getting surgery all the time. The technology that goes into both the operations and the recovery processes are pretty amazing, although they are also extremely expensive to perform and maintain.


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