4 Must-Include Elements of Every Good Video Presentation

Making a presentation is exciting for some, and terrifying for others. Regardless of direction, people tend to react strongly to this kind of opportunity. It’s a high responsibility which will see the focus of many people on you.

It isn’t even just about you and having the knowledge required, it’s about the presentation itself and how you put it across. Being ambiguous or long-winded are good examples of ways to murder a presentation.

Keeping that in mind we have put together a few elements that will aid you in creating a good video presentation. Use these as pointers and do the right research before your presentation, and you could be the one who stands out and gets noticed as an expert, a go-to guy, and a future superstar.

Tell a Good Story

Storytelling is an art and it’s one that you must work on if you want to be a successful public speaker. There’s plenty of resources out there to help you tell a good story, and you will need to combine many of them to do it well.

For a presentation you can either turn the entire thing into a story of some sort, or start off with a story that sets the scene or ties in somehow. Use video to your advantage and create scenes that create an emotional response in viewers. Grab their attention and make yourself memorable!

Be SUPER Clear!

Being clear is extremely important if you want to get your point across. Keep it simple, even your descriptions and the words you use should be simple. The entire benefit of video is that it’s clear to see, so use this to your advantage and give demonstrations when possible.

You can use a variety of software to record demonstrations, we use the complete screen recording solution that CloudApp offers and found it good for our needs, so give them a look for a good start point.

Keep it Trim!

Don’t clog your presentation up with unneeded junk, and don’t waste any valuable time on filler or fluff. There’s been plenty of theories on attention span suggesting that we’re generally less focused and attentive nowadays. This could be true, though it could also be a case of content overload.

The point is that the attention of your viewer begins to drift immediately, so get your point across interestingly and quickly. This is the best way to ensure they’re still actually paying attention at the end!

Cover Questions

Of course, if you’re presenting live you need to allow questions at the end. However, one thing people often overlook is simply doing a concise FAQ section at the end of the vid. There’s often a few key questions that will pop up with most people. Cover these beforehand and you save a lot of time.

You can also use this section to add any information that had been left out or unclear. Explanations of terms and techniques is another possibility.

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