World Top Internet Speeds

For the past twelve years, Singapore was ranked first in fixed broadband speed with notable average download speed  of 181 Mbps.

Based from the latest July 2018, Speedtest Global Index; Singapore hold the first position, followed by Honkong(145.65Mbps), Iceland(143.62Mbps), Romania moved to 4th place with 105.98Mbps, South Korea down to 5th with 102.07Mbps. Interestingly, US had just gone up to 6th place with download speed of 96.91Mbps.

In Mobile download speed which averages shows a little more than 20Mbps download and 9Mbps upload have 7 countries have speeds of over 50 Mbps. Singapore took the 4th place when it comes to mobile speed metrics. Qatar, Norway and UAE took the top three ranks respectively for the mobile speeds.

You can check out the full list and see where your country is placed on the ranking.

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