Samsung unveiled 5G-compatible Exynos 5100 modem

Industries are moving into tech revolution that back five years were just coined to be the ‘future’ and it’s disruptive. It changes the landscape of businesses and how they pursue upgrades to automate, utilize AI analytics, multi-platform and cloud just to cope with the drastic tech trends. Here comes one of the ‘future’ telco infra-upgrades necessary to support the current demand in the internet connectivity —-the 5G networks.

Last year, Qualcomm’s X50 modem was announced to be the first ever 5G-capable modem and its already part of several companies’ plans to use in their 5G devices. Just today, Samsung had just jumped into the bandwagon of 5G with its own Exynos 5100 modem. The company claims that it’s the first 5G modem that is fully compatible with the industry standard for 5G.

Technically, Samsung waited until the finalization industry standards for 5G and then designed the new Exynos 5100 modem from there. The new Exynos Modem 5100 supports both the sub-6GHz and mmWave portions of the electromagnetic spectrums used by the 3GPP’s 5G standard. It’s made back-compatible to current 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE all packed into this chip.

There’s a significant upgrade on the speeds 5G versus the current 4G. Sammy claims that utilizing the sub-6Ghz range of the spectrum can reach speed of 2Gbps and up to whooping 6Gbps using mmWave signals.

Despite there are still no networks supporting 5G and devices, with these new developments, we can expect more the coming days.

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