5 Benefits of Cloud Computing You Might Not Have Thought Of

When it comes to business, cloud computing can save CFOs a ton of money, but what about cloud computing for personal use? If you have an Apple device, you’re on a cloud. Don’t worry. A cloud server is safe, as the host must protect its users’ data or face the repercussions. There are other benefits to cloud computing you might not have considered, however, and here are five of them for you to ponder.


1. 24/7 Access

The beauty of cloud computing is you have access to your data 24/7/365 no matter where you are, provided you can jump on the internet. Since everyone is mobile these days, it’s nice to have that access. Imagine you’ve traveled to find jobs in London – it’s time for a serious change of scenery – your resume, or CV as they call it, and other information will be at your fingertips if you store it on a cloud.


2. Networking

While in London, you need to do some serious networking. You don’t stand a chance of getting a job and residency without it. Cloud computing allows you to network with others by giving them access to the data you want them to see. They can also give you permission to view information on their cloud. This makes it much easier to exchange crucial information quickly, easily, and remotely. Communication!


3. Safety

The security of cloud computing was briefly discussed above but what about safety? If your data is stored on your laptop only and that laptop is destroyed, stolen, or dies and isn’t recoverable, what will you do? It’s always wise to back up your data onto a cloud server, because that server is located elsewhere, which means you can retrieve your data and load it onto your new laptop once you buy one.


4. Auto Updates

Do you put off updating your software on your computer, notepad, and phone? Do you realize you’re opening yourself up to risk by failing to install the updates? With cloud computing, the updates are performed automatically, provided you have them set to do so. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Your devices will be up to date at all times, which increases your overall security and protection.


5. Greener

Electronics may be have helped people go paperless, which saves the environment, but what about the equipment itself? It makes you tilt your head in wonder when you realize that electronics are not sustainable. They don’t biodegrade, so how do you go green? Cloud computing removes the equipment from your home. You don’t have to have as much equipment when your data is stored on the cloud.

These are just five reasons why cloud computing is no longer a wave of the future. It’s the now, and many people find the convenience and security of it second to none. Your data is mobile, which means you can access it whenever you want, and it’s secured because cloud computing would not exist if it weren’t safe. If you aren’t ready to go 100-percent cloud, at least back your data up to an external source. You don’t want to lose it in the event of an unforeseen incident.

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