4 Reasons Why to Use Bitcoin for Online Gaming

Playing hundreds of online casino games a week requires fast, secure and affordable payment methods that will keep the money flow. You don’t want to miss out any chance of winning while waiting for your withdrawals to be processed so you could continue playing.

When you think about it, Bitcoin is actually the most convenient solution for online gambling payments, as it was designed and optimized precisely for online purchases, contrary to credit cards. Bank transfers and credit cards were designed for physical use and were later on adjusted to the online market.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is the perfect method for making fast and secure transactions online, with the highest level of privacy in comparison with other methods, and here you will read the reasons why you should opt to deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin for online gaming.

Gaming is Cheaper with Bitcoins

Bitcoins are beneficial for both the casino website owner and the customer. When compared to the credit card or bank transfer service fees, the Bitcoins fees are just a snippet, an insignificant percentage that gives punters a chance to keep their winnings almost intact with the withdrawal, and casino owners save money on the fees they should otherwise pay banks.

Your Private Details Are out of Reach

Although there’s this general opinion that gambling is wrong and illegal, in fact, gambling is legal in most countries around the world and there are people that actually do it for fun and entertainment.

That being said, some people don’t want fingers to be pointed at them, so the anonymity of Bitcoin use is perfect for them. They can use their pseudonyms and gamble without being judged.

But that’s not all. Bitcoin is basically the safest way of depositing and withdrawing money at online casinos as you leave no personal details whatsoever! All you need is your private and public keys and that’s it. No names, no addresses, no bank account details – nada. This makes it almost impossible for hackers to get to your Bitcoin Wallet as they would need to hack the casino, but your Bitcoin Wallet key as well, while with credit cards, your details are out there in the open for hackers.

Transactions Are the Fastest with Bitcoin

Compared to the regular bank transactions, which can take from 3 to 10 business days usually, the transactions made with Bitcoin are in most cases instant. If not, they don’t take more than a few hours to be confirmed, but what are a few hours in comparison to 10 business days, right? If you’re into online casino gambling and need the fastest way of making transactions, Bitcoin is the proper payment method for you.

Finally, but Most Importantly, Bitcoin Is the Most Secure Digital Currency

If you know how to store your Bitcoins correctly, there’s no way you could get hacked. The first thing you need to know is to keep your coins in a Cold Storage Wallet, offline, set a strong password for the keys and stay as far as you can from online, Hot Wallets. Compared to credit cards, you will be alerted when someone wants to steal your money, as they will look for your key.

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