How cloud computing is changing business operations

Cloud Computing

More companies are using cloud computing to access extra processing power and storage. Plenty of businesses are feeling the impact of the cloud, with it offering new opportunities to improve their efficiency, innovation and collaboration.

Operational Efficiency

More and more essential tasks and services are moving to the cloud, allowing companies to migrate their data from local networks. This allows greater flexibility and less reliance on internal teams. Updates and maintenance are handled centrally, by the cloud host, negating the risks of crashes or downtime. All this while providing seamless access to employees and key stakeholders.

Close Collaboration

The cloud can drive collaboration across teams, through open sharing of data and documents that would have been siloed previously. Many companies use an intranet software, such as Oak, to help promote this. The software enables easy sharing, communication and collaboration across the business, all powered by the cloud.

An Open World

The cloud also allows smaller start-ups to get access to services and platforms they wouldn’t usually be able to afford. Previously, setting up a global network needed investment to set up localised data centres and purchasing. Today, this can be done easily from almost anywhere in the world. This greatly reduces overheads, all while removing the need for large internal IT teams.

Going Mobile

The cloud brings a whole new era of mobility with it. With the plethora of devices available, the cloud enables easy sharing of data across all platforms. Whether this means home working or file sharing, workers can be busy on the go, without having to make copies across devices.

Secure Storage

Th cloud provides one of the safest forms of data storage available. Data is kept off devices and in a secure and remote server, removing the risk of data loss in the event of theft. Service providers will provide highly encrypted security, with many utilising 24/7 security monitoring software to defend against breaches. With the new focus on data storage (especially in Europe, thanks to GDPR), providers are providing even more secure solutions than ever before. Data is also redundant, thanks to many providers conducting regular backups.

Talking To Customers

Cloud computing has opened new ways for businesses to communicate and interact with customers, with webchat technologies which link to your mobile, to direct calling via VoIP apps. The increase in available support to customer has vastly improved the journey and helped improve conversion rates greatly.

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