4 Top Apps To Get You Through Your Daily Commute

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Love it or hate it, the daily commute can be an essential part of working life – especially for those employed within the growing tech industry, which thrives in cosmopolitan city environments. Taking the same route every day can quickly become a monotonous routine, leaving us stressed or deflated before we even make it into the office. But it doesn’t have to be this way – not when amazing advancements in technology allow us to carry a world of information in our hands. Our smartphones are great tools for both learning and entertainment, so we may as well utilize them and put that travel time to good use. Here are four top apps to get you through your daily commute.

1. Duolingo

Have you ever thought about learning a language to improve your cognitive ability or further develop your career? Maybe you have never been able to find the time to attend a class – or you just don’t know which area to choose. Either way, as the world’s biggest online language learning platform, Duolingo is a great option for those looking to implement bite-size chunks of studying into their day. It’s free – and includes many fun gamification aspects such as streak counts, in-lesson grading and hearts to keep your learning alive. Lessons are short and concise, meaning you can carry out as many or as few to suit your individual journey.

2. Betsafe App

Being on the move doesn’t mean missing out on any of the action. Through betting apps such as Betsafe, you can catch live streams of big events while travelling, and bet in real-time from the comfort of your train carriage. If your favourite team is scheduled to kick off during this evening’s conference call and you won’t have time to make it to the bookmakers, you can bet through the app and easily withdraw your winnings on the way home. The app’s Favourite feature also allows users to keep up to date and check in with their chosen team with ease, making it a perfect companion for quick tube trips. Those who prefer gaming can also join in on the fun at Betsafe’s online casino, where you can play anytime, anywhere, against thousands of players from around the globe. You may be sat at a table against card-game enthusiasts from Dubai, all while en route to the office with a winning hand shining up from your screen.

3. Nwsty

Nwsty is “the” go-to app for those wanting to keep their finger on the pulse but don’t have the time to tackle endless streams of online news content. Users receive six to ten headlines a day, which are optimized to be read and digested quickly and efficiently in a matter of minutes. Originally designed to be utilised by those who aren’t regular news readers, the app is a brilliant way for travellers to stay up-to-date with breaking news and current affairs throughout the week. Nwsty might just be your answer to becoming a mini-expert on all that is happening in the world, without having to sacrifice a significant chunk of your day. That means more time for additional important tasks and improved productivity.

4. Spotify

For commuters who are in the look-out for a more hands-free approach to entertainment, Spotify could be the app for you. With quite literally millions of individual tracks in their database, users are met with an almost endless library of music at their fingertips. Spotify’s developers have worked for years to perfect their notorious algorithms, which construct playlists and suggestions based on users listening habits. Friends can connect through the app and share music via custom-made playlists, or browse through collections compiled by niche experts, music stars and celebrities. Music enthusiasts can gain unlimited access to Spotify for free at the expense of short advertisement breaks. However, for a small fee, premium account holders are able to enjoy their listening experience un-interrupted and can also utilise the app’s offline mode. Spotify’s offline mode is a great way to beat the boredom of internet dead spots, and an even better way to control data-usage in spaces without Wi-Fi access.

Hopefully, these four brilliant easy-to-use apps add a little more excitement to your daily commute. Don’t forget to regularly check the Apple and Google Play app stores for recommendations and to see what’s trending in your area. The limits of what an app can do in 2018 are outstanding – and constant progression in development and handheld technology means apps are becoming quicker, smarter and more user-friendly. So, next time you pick up your smartphone and head to the same old social media page, take a minute to check out one of our suggestions and discover the true potential of your device. 

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