RankTopTen.com: Because Your Opinion Matters!

A new interest charting startup RankTopTen.com makes it a way easier to determine the best of the best in a really wide variety of subjects.

People love making lists on topics they are interested in. This is just as old as time. And “What is your favorite this or that?” type of question seems never comes out of fashion. Analytical instruments like Google Trends reveal that the number of searches incorporating the word “best” has increased by almost 100% over the past decade, reaching nearly 840 million inquiries per month, and continue to grow steadily. Top search inquiries include superlatives like “hottest”, ” worst”, “funniest” as well which confirms the extraordinary level of interest people show in rankings of all kind.

We live in a competitive environment. Following that spirit of competitiveness and abiding by it, a new list maker service RankTopTen.com presents a convenient platform for a crowdsourced estimation of the majority of topics covering the most popular areas like Music, TV, Films, Politics, Culture and those custom tailored ones dealing with rare, uncommon or specific interests and subjects. The idea behind the whole startup is to create the place where people can form rankings about anything they like, based on their own opinion. These lists are set upon the condensed “wisdom of the crowd” and mirror the judgement of broad audiences in a simple yet refined ”top 10″ formula that almost perfectly reflects the core of things (or at least the common vision of it).

The mission of the project is simple and straightforward, to guide people through the immense body of information stored by mankind, to connect different groups and individuals based on their interests and preferences, to support interactive communication for open-minded understanding and cultural interchange, and to provide people with practical tools for a flawless choice. The RankTopTen.com team is aspiring to build an enthusiastic community around their platform and to deliver truly exclusive content to the benefit of the widest audience.

To enhance the classification technology, RankTopTen.com has designed the well thought-out multifunctional hub for public examination so that our users can shape up the lists leaving their comments and responding on them, making their selection and judgement logical and clear. At RankTopTen.com visitors can choose, rank and re-rank entries, add new items and create the lists they like. This makes user generated registers highly distinct and exclusive.

The RankTopTen.com team have done their best to disclose what people regard worthy and what they do not. To pick who’s prettiest, most generous, talented or the smartest and who is not, on the screen and in real life. To decide which sights, achievements, songs or films are good and which are not. Ultimately, the lists at RankTopTen.com can distinctly indicate what can be called a genuine jewel and what is just overrated.

Creating lists according to your own estimation scale you save precious time and do not waste it by browsing through dozens of things that are beyond your interests. Refining the catalog of your favorite things, you ensure a comfortable environment by escaping pitiable cognitive experience. Learning from the wisdom of the fellow rankers you get smarter together. Sharing your opinion on the things you value the best you multiply the others’ positive experience, in the fastest and handiest way, public ‘top ten’ lists.

And our visitors’ estimation is the only thing that is important to us as we trust in shared intelligence and definitely favor it rather than a separate expert’s verdict. Find out how your knowledge can benefit the world’s largest community of those involved in collecting refined listings based upon unbiased collective estimation. Join RankTopTen.com, participate, say your word. Because it does matter to all of us.


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