CES 2018: Siren Smart Socks For Diabetics

Siren Diabetic Socks has just been awarded as one of CES 2018 Best of Innovations. It’s a smart sock that utilizes temperature sensors to detect inflammation in real time for diabetics. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients are prone to foot swelling that can lead to serious injuries and worst amputation. Founder Ran Ma and Veronica Tran believe that early mitigation through this smart sock wearable is the key on preventing these injuries to happen.

The smart sensors are woven into the fabric of the sock to detect when there high-deviations on temperature, meaning there’s an injury to the foot. All information is then uploaded to an app on your smartphone to alert you to check your foot for any issue.

If you’ve been thinking about its maintenance, it comes fully charge that can be used for 6 months and notably machine washable. Key to its long-lasting battery life is its ability to be only ON when you’re wearing them and OFF when you wear them off.

In the future, we can expect smart fabrics to detect body injuries as well, but for the meantime, you can pre-order now and Siren will send you 7 pairs of smart socks every six months when it’s ready to ship.


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